Physics free study material for Engineering Medical Entrance exams
Free study materials, books, and notes for Entrance exams in Physics. If you have any material belong to coaching institutes / entrance exam training centers etc. Please post it here.

These materials are collected while searching different websites. All the copyrights belong to them. I am just uploading it for your reference and preparation.

Some model question papers are also added with the study materials. So that you can use it to check your preparation.

All Physics study materials are useful for entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, AIPMT various state specific Entrance examinations etc.

Attached Files
.pdf   Physics Notes and Important Formulas.pdf (Size: 1.01 MB / Downloads: 5,920)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Alternating Current.pdf (Size: 725.71 KB / Downloads: 3,066)
.pdf   MCQ Collection for Entrance exams.pdf (Size: 1.6 MB / Downloads: 4,776)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - current electricity.pdf (Size: 832.01 KB / Downloads: 2,784)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Dimension, Errors.pdf (Size: 719.3 KB / Downloads: 2,636)
More Physics study materials for Engineering and Medical Entrance exams

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.pdf   Physics Study Material - Elasticity & Surface Tension.pdf (Size: 794.07 KB / Downloads: 2,115)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - electromagnetic induction.pdf (Size: 564.34 KB / Downloads: 1,968)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Electrostatics.pdf (Size: 839.92 KB / Downloads: 2,212)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Fluid Mechanics.pdf (Size: 930.52 KB / Downloads: 2,005)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - force & friction.pdf (Size: 612.24 KB / Downloads: 2,042)
More free notes for Engineering and medical entrance exams

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.pdf   Physics Study Material - Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics.pdf (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 2,096)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Magnetic Effect of Current.pdf (Size: 879.5 KB / Downloads: 1,875)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Magnetism.pdf (Size: 878.5 KB / Downloads: 1,962)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Modern Physics.pdf (Size: 971.3 KB / Downloads: 1,934)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Motion in one dimension.pdf (Size: 982.52 KB / Downloads: 1,971)
More Free books and study materials on Physics for Engineering and Medical Entrance exams

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.pdf   Physics Study Material - Refraction of light.pdf (Size: 587.33 KB / Downloads: 1,704)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - simple Harmonic Motion.pdf (Size: 559 KB / Downloads: 1,969)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Thermometry, Expansion, Heat Tansfer.pdf (Size: 1.04 MB / Downloads: 1,840)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Vectors.pdf (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 1,910)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - wave Optics.pdf (Size: 604.33 KB / Downloads: 1,783)
Free books and study materials for Engineering and Medical Entrance preparation Physics

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.pdf   Physics Study Material - Waves.pdf (Size: 941.32 KB / Downloads: 1,819)
.pdf   Physics Study Material - Work, energy & Power.pdf (Size: 792.48 KB / Downloads: 1,829)
.pdf   Physics Study Material NEWTONS LAWS.pdf (Size: 4.11 MB / Downloads: 2,099)
.pdf   Physics Practice Question Papers with solutions.pdf (Size: 7.61 MB / Downloads: 3,272)
.pdf   Physics Study notes CURRENT_ELECTRICITY.pdf (Size: 77.03 KB / Downloads: 1,490)
More free study materials and notes for Entrance exam Physics preparation

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.pdf   Physics Study notes ELECTROSTATICS.pdf (Size: 363.86 KB / Downloads: 1,575)
.pdf   Physics Study notes MAGNETIC-EFFECTS-OF-CURRENT-MAGNETISM.pdf (Size: 284.15 KB / Downloads: 1,408)
.pdf   Physics Study notes _ATOMS__NUCLEI.pdf (Size: 87.07 KB / Downloads: 1,496)
.pdf   Physics Study notes _DUAL_NATURE_OF_MATTER__RADIATION.pdf (Size: 304.68 KB / Downloads: 1,734)
.pdf   Physics Study notes _ELECTROMAGNETIC_INDUCTION__ALTERNATING_CURRENTS.pdf (Size: 246.42 KB / Downloads: 1,431)
Physics study material and notes series continues..

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.pdf   Physics Study notes _ELECTROMAGNETIC_WAVES.pdf (Size: 30.82 KB / Downloads: 1,247)
.pdf   Physics Study notes _ELECTRONIC_DEVICES.pdf (Size: 273.8 KB / Downloads: 1,352)
.pdf   Physics Study notes _OPTICS.pdf (Size: 244.72 KB / Downloads: 1,555)
.pdf   Physics Study notes COMMUNICATION_SYSTEMS.pdf (Size: 138.24 KB / Downloads: 1,442)
.pdf   Physics.pdf (Size: 176.13 KB / Downloads: 1,423)
Nice collection of materials
Thank you for the physics study materials. Useful for all entrance exams
thanks a lot buddy ... that was like a jackpot for entrance exam ..... thank once again.....Big Grin
Very useful.thanks
Thank u very much 4 amazing ever material
How do you manage quick essay writing? I use FastEssay, do you think teachers will notice me using outside help? I'm just stuck with exams and tests that I don't have time to write a proper one
Thanks for sharing the useful material

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