Free notes and books for PHYSICS Engineering Medical Entrance preparation
Some free study materials and notes for PHYSICS subject for preparation for Engineering and Medical Entrance examinations.

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.pdf   Magnetic Effects of Electric Current- Model questions.pdf (Size: 190.51 KB / Downloads: 1,494)
.pdf   4 model question papers for Entrance Physics.pdf (Size: 176.13 KB / Downloads: 1,537)
.pdf   A model question paper for Physics Entrance examinations.pdf (Size: 727.79 KB / Downloads: 1,186)
.pdf   Engineering Entrance notes Mechanics-Vectors-and-Scalars.pdf (Size: 41.71 KB / Downloads: 1,263)
.pdf   Heat model questions with answer key.pdf (Size: 120.5 KB / Downloads: 1,065)

More books and study materials for Engineering / Medical entrance Physics exam preparation.

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.pdf   Magnetic Effects of Electric Current- Model questions.pdf (Size: 190.51 KB / Downloads: 925)
.pdf   Mechanics Study notes.pdf (Size: 1.31 MB / Downloads: 1,301)
.pdf   Phyics model question paper Semiconductors.pdf (Size: 323.42 KB / Downloads: 986)
.pdf   Physics Entrance exam practice question paper.pdf (Size: 560.64 KB / Downloads: 991)
.pdf   Rotational-Motion model questions with answer key.pdf (Size: 212.43 KB / Downloads: 953)

Physics study materials and books thread continues..

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.pdf   Rotational-Motion model questions with answer key.pdf (Size: 212.43 KB / Downloads: 744)
.pdf   Solved questions PHYSICS.pdf (Size: 238.14 KB / Downloads: 1,029)
.pdf   Wave motion Important points and study notes.pdf (Size: 565.34 KB / Downloads: 1,196)

Some free books, notes and materials which will help you in Physics entrance exam preparations... (All links are leading to third party hosting sites and you need to select the free download option to get the respective file.)

Electromagnetism - Notes

Physics and Chemistry study material and model questions

General Physics problems with solutions and answer key

Problems and solutions from Physics

Complete Physics study material

All Important Formulas in Physics

Physics study notes

Solved problems in Physics

Physics Basics - Study material

Physics for JEE Preparation

Test series on Physics

General Physics problems with solutions

Elemental physics

JEE Main and Advance study material of Physics

Physics - Calculus

Study guide- Gravitation

Motion study guide with sample questions

JEE Main and advanced Physics guide and material

Concepts in Physics - Guide for Entrance preparation

What a wonderful collection. Here you get all the physics study materials. Downloaded everything

(02-05-2014, 12:38 AM)jee.student Wrote: Physics study materials and books thread continues..
Thanks for your question

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