ICSE STD 10 Board Exam 2022-Physics Question Paper and Key

ICSE 2022 Physics solved paper

Download the question paper and solutions of ICSE STD X Physics paper 1 second semester board examination from the links below. The examination was held on 10th May 2022, Tuesday.

The Original Board exam question papers will give the aspirants an idea of the level of difficulty of the actual exam, which can help them manage their time and focus during the exam.

Sample questions from ICSE Physics question paper 2022

  2022    SEMESTER-2

Maximum Marks: 40
Time allowed: One and a half hours
Answers to this Paper must he written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 10 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all questions from Section- A and any three questions from Section- B.
The marks intended for questions or part of questions are given in brackets [ ]

Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question. Write the correct answer only.)
(i) Free vibrations are :
(a) the vibrations under the influence of a periodic force
(b) the vibrations with larger amplitude
(c) the vibrations when the frequency continuously decreases
(d) the vibrations with a constant frequency and constant amplitude

(ii) The graph plotted for potential difference (V) against current (I) for ohmic resistors is :
(a) A curve passing through the origin
(b) A straight line not passing through origin
(c) A straight line passing through origin
(d) A circle centred at the origin

(iii) A main switch in the main distribution board is present in :
(a) a live wire (b) a neutral wire
(c) a live as well as neutral wire (d) an earth wire

(iv) A coil wound around a piece of soft iron can become an electromagnet only when :
(a) the circuit is open
(b) a magnetic compass is present in the vicinity
(c) a galvanometer is connected to the circuit
(d) a current flows in the circuit

(v) Water is used in car radiators because :
(a) it is a good conductor of heat.
(b) it conducts heat faster as compared to the other substances and cools the engine quickly.
(c) its specific heat capacity is very low.
(d) its specific heat capacity is very high so it can cool the engine without a greater increase in its own temperature

(vi) To study the age of excavated material of archaeological significance we study the rate of decay of an isotope of:
(a) Uranium (b) Cobalt
(c) Carbon (d) Chlorine

Download Complete questions in PDF format with all diagrams and illustrations from

ICSE 2022- Physics Solved Question Paper in PDF format

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