ICSE STD 10 Board Exam 2022-BIOLOGY Question Paper and Key

Download the Biology Semester 2 exam 2022 questions and answers for the ICSE Board exam 2022. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Semester 2 exam. The Biology test was given on Tuesday, 17.05.2022.

Some Sample Questions from ICSE 2022 Biology Examination.

Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question. Write the correct answer only.)         
(1)  The mineral element in haemoglobin :
            (a) Manganese        (b) Iron        (c) Sodium      (d) Calcium
Ans: (b) Iron
(2)   The number of cranial nerves in humans are :
           (a)  12              (b)    31  pairs       (c)   31             (d)  12 pairs
Ans: (d) 12 pairs
(3)   Gigantism and Acromegaly are due to :
(a)              Hypersecretion of Growth hormone
(b)              Hypersecretion of Thyroxine
(c)              Hyposecretion of Growth hormone
(d)              Hyposecretion of Thyroxine
Ans: (a) Hypersecretion of Growth hormone
(4)   Pericardium covers the :
            (a) Heart         (b)  Brain     (c)   Spinal cord        (d)   Eyeball
Ans: (a) Heart
(5)   The circular opening in the centre of iris :
            (a) Lens          (b)  Cornea          (c)   Sclera        (d)    Pupil
Ans: (d) Pupil
(6)  The blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood is:
           (a)   Pulmonary artery
           (b)   Pulmonary vein
           (c)   Renal vein
           (d)  Hepatic vein
Ans: (b) Pulmonary vein
(7)   Organ of corti is present inside the :
           (a)  Cochlea
           (b)  Semicircular canals
           (c)   Sacculus
           (d)  Utriculus
Ans: (a) Cochlea
(8)   The structure that stores urine temporarily is :
            (a) Ureter                      (b)  Urethra
             (c) Urinary bladder        (d)  Kidneys
Ans: (c) Urinary bladder
(9)  Islets of Langerhans are located in :
            (a) Liver            (b)   Pituitary gland
            (c)  Spleen          (d)   Pancreas
(d) Pancreas
(10)              The main nitrogenous waste formed in the human body :
           (a)  Uric acid        (b)    Urea
           (c)   Ammonia       (d)    Creatinine
Ans: (b) Urea

Download Complete ICSE 2022 Biology Question paper and solutions in PDF format from the link below

ICSE 2022 BIOLOGY Solved Paper PDF

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