Kerala Plus One Admission 2024- Trial allotment and editing options guide.

Plus One Application 2024 for Higher Secondary Admissions-How to check trial allotment

hscap 2024 plus one admissions

The trial allotment result of Kerala Plus One Single Window Admission will be published on 29 May 2024 at 10 am.

How to check your trial allotment status ?

Applicants can check the trial allotment result by entering the admission gateway of the Department of Public Education and logging in through Candidate Login-SWS and through the Trial Results link in the candidate login.

Admission with trial allotment rank

The trial allotment list is only a possible list of the first allotment to be published on June 5, 2024. Therefore, admission to any school cannot be obtained with the allotment letter received as per the trial result. You have to wait for the first allotment list to get admission.

What is the significance of trial allotment rankings ?

This trial allotment is the last chance to correct any errors in your application details. Also at this stage the previously given options can be rearranged or new ones can be added if needed.

Ensure your WGPA is correct

Trial allotment list must be checked by all applicants. Ensure that application information and WGPA are correct. You can get the method of calculating WGPA from the prospectus.

Information that can be edited during trial allotment

Modifications to the application details including options can still be made in your application regarding caste reservation, bonus point information, panchayat and taluk information of residence (based on the applicant’s permanent address) and other extracurricular activities (art fairs, clubs, etc.) considered for tie-break. Make sure that the information entered is correct. Entry will be denied if such information is entered incorrectly. So make effective use of this last chance to make corrections. None of the information used to create the candidate login can be edited or modified.

Check your caste and category

In some applications, there are some inconsistencies in the information such as caste, category etc. For example, some applicants whose caste is Ezhava are entered as Hindu OBC instead of ETB as category. If such mistakes are not corrected, admission will not be granted even if the allotment is received. All the categories in the Eligibility Certificate/ Mark List cannot be copied into the application. For example, Ezhava, Muslim, Other Backward Hindu Communities, Backward Christian, Latin Catholic, Dhivara, Vishwakarma, Kusavan, Kudumbi are generally mentioned as OBC in the eligibility certificate. But each of these are separate categories in the admission process. To understand the categories of each caste, see Appendix 2 of the prospectus.

Is SSLC revaluation results considered in Trial allotment ?

SSLC re-valuation results published on 27th May have not been considered in the trial allotment as the trial allotment activities started on 25th May 2024 in the evening. Applications whose grade has been changed through SSLC re-evaluation will include the changed grade in the first allotment. Applicants belonging to other schemes like SSLC (HI), THSLC etc. should include the changed grade at the time of correction after publication of trial allotment.

My rank is very low. Will I get admission to the particular school?

 Students who are not able to get through the trial allotment or first allotment while checking may have some concern about the rank number. For example, the student may know that the applied school has only 50/60 seats, but when checking the rank is above 300 or 400, the student may feel that he will never get admission in this school. But there is no basis for this apprehension as the rank here is calculated for all applicants in the district where the subject combination in the said school has been given as any option. All these applicants may not be in the allotment list of the same school. Applicants may get allotment in their other options which are better according to their merit. So lower rankers may also get allotment.

Wrong information in application

Do not claim anything affecting the allotment, including the information used for bonus points, information used for tie-break, applicant’s category etc. without the certificates required in the prospectus. If the certificates are not produced, the allotments received will be cancelled and the student will lose the opportunity of admission.

See Trial allotment-detailed instructions to candidates

Last date for editing the details.

The deadline for checking the trial is May 31, 2024. Candidates can check the trial allotment list up to 5 PM. If any corrections are required, the necessary corrections/inclusions should be made through the Edit Application link in the candidate login and final confirmation should be made by May 31, 2024 at 5 PM.

Plus one admissions 2024

Applications are invited from eligible candidates for plus one admissions in Kerala Higher Secondary schools. You can check complete details about the application process here to secure a plus one seat through HSCAP Ekajalakom admission process for the academic year 2024-25.

Latest Updates

Schedule of Admissions HSCAP Ekajalakam 2024

The Latest Schedule of +1 Admissions 2024 is as follows:

+1 Application Process Starts from16.05.2024
Last date for online Application25.05.2024
Trial Allotment 202429.05.2024
First Allotment05.06.2024
Last Allotment19.06.2024
Classes starts on24.06.2024

The Plus One Admissions 2024 Prospectus is available here

Instruction Manual 2024 for Plus One Admissions

Complete directions with screenshots describing how to complete various stages in Plus One Admissions 2024 is available for download. You can use this manual to get a detailed idea about the admission process and step by step instructions to the stages of admission such as:

  • Preparations needed before admissions and documents required
  • How to create the candidate login
  • How to submit applications online and detailed instruction set for various categories
  • How to check the trial allotment
  • Rearrangement of options
  • Check the allotment

Download the Instruction Manual for +1 Admissions

Help Video for Higher Secondary Admissions

Help Desk Phone Numbers

Help desks are working in all districts to address the queries of students and teachers.Helpline numbers will be published soon

View Last Year Rank and WGPA

Selecting the correct option with the desired school and subject combination is an important step to get admission in the first allotment itself. Getting an idea about the previous year admission details for different categories and subject combinations plays a vital role in selecting the desired school and combination. You can get details about the last rank and WGPA of various schools after first allotment can be had from the link given below. You can get Last rank details of all schools in the district, WGPA of last rank, rank and WGPA of a particular subject combination, rank and WGPA of a particular school, rank and WGPA of a particular category etc

Click here to get last year rank and WGPA

Important FAQ for Plus One Admissions 2024

  • How to Pay the admission fee ?
    Admission fee can be paid directly to the school at the time of admission
  • How to submit applications for schools in two districts ?
    You need to submit separate applications for different districts
  • How to apply for Management/ Community Quota seats ?
    Ekajalakam handles only admissions through merit/ General Quota. You need to submit separate applications available in respective schools for Management/ Community Quota seats
  • Things needed to remember while entering religion and caste code
    You need to find out the caste code from the appendix II of the prospectus and enter the respective code in the application form. For example ezhava-2, Muslim 3, Latin Catholic 4 etc.
  • How to get EWS reservation ?
    EWS reservation is available for economically backward forward caste students. To avail this, students must get a certificate from village officer.
  • The 30% reservation for aided schools will be bifurcated as 20% management quota and 10% management merit for community candidates.
  • The current reservation structure will continue, together with the EWS quota.
  • Little Kites IT club members are eligible for 1 mark as bonus point.

Important Links to prepare for the Plus One Admissions 2024

Procedure for getting admission

Students who got the first allotment must contact the given school for admission with the required documents on the notified date and time for getting admission. If you got admissions for your first option, you need to pay fees and get final admissions. You can pay fees through the Fee Payment link on candidate login. You can also pay fees at the school.

If you are allotted for options other than your first option, you can get provisional / final admissions. If you are selecting provisional admission, you need not pay any fees until you finalize your admissions. Those who take temporary admissions, have an option to cancel selected higher options.

You will not be considered for further allotment if you are not taking provisional/ final admissions as per the First allotment list.

If you haven’t included in the first allotment, wait for subsequent allotments to get admissions.

Documents required at the time of admission

Note: The only document that needs to be uploaded with the application is the Medical Board Certificate for Differently Abled candidates ( File in pdf format and Size below 100 KB). No other certificate needs to be uploaded with the application. Applicants are directed to keep the certificate in hand while submitting the application because the certificate numbers needs to be updated. Produce the originals while appearing for admission.

  1. Original Copies of 10th Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate, Bonus Point Certificate and Tie-Break Certificate.
  2. Those who need relaxation of age, original copies proving the same.
  3. SSLC book details will be the basis of caste/ community reservations.
  4. Income Certificate from revenue authorities for SC/ST/OEC candidates.
  5. If you are eligible for bonus points on the basis of residence in particular LSG, no need to produce any certificate if the details are available in SSLC book, else ration card/ nativity certificate are required for admission.
  6. Cerificate from Army/ Navy/ Airforce for dependants of Jawan.
  7. NCC directorate certificate proving 75% attendance.
  8. Certificate by SPC Project Kerala for SPC candidates.
  9. Certificates for Tie Break including NTSE certificate
  10. Certificates of Extra-Curricular/ Co-Curricular activities given by school authorities.
  11. Recognised Medical Board Certificate for Differently Abled candidates stating the percentage of disability is not less than 40%.

Notification in PDF format about Documents required

How to create a candidate login for +2 Admissions?

Click on the Create candidate login link on and select district from the page, in the next page select scheme, register number, month and year of pass, date of birth and security code. After submitting all these details, you will get your application details. For getting OTP in the registered mobile number, click on the send OTP button, submit the OTP in the next page. You need to create a strong password next. The candidate login creation will be complete.

Note: Create candidate login will be only available after FINAL CONFIRMATION of the application.

Download Detailed Instructions for creating candidate login in Malayalam

How can I Login to Candidate Login

You can use the Application number as your username and the newly created password to login to candidate login at HSCAP Website

What are the services available in the candidate login ?

The following options are available int the candidate login page

  • Change Password
  •  Application View
  • Edit Application
  • Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Reservation Details Entry
  • Status of Application
  • View & Print Allotment Slip
  • Online Fee payment

How can I edit the submitted application?

You can correct the errors in application details (You cannot edit scheme, register number, date of birth and mobile number). The provision to edit the application will be available only ONCE. You need to do FINAL CONFIRMATION again after editing the application.

What is Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Reservation ?

This option will only be available for the general category students. If you belong to the economically weaker section, you will be eligible for 10% reservation. You need to enter the Annual Income in the certificate provided by village officer.

What is Allotment Slip ?

This contains the details of allotment and application details. You need to take a printout and present it at the time of admission.

Things to remember while submitting your application for HSCAP 2024

  1. Read the prospectus carefully before submitting the application. Click Here to download the prospectus of HSCAP
  2. The application number given at the end of the application submission process, need to be noted down for further use
  3. All the future notifications and messages will be provided to the mobile number given by the student.
  4. Select your category from Appendix 2
  5. If you are eligible for any concessions/ benefits, keep the related certificate ready before starting the application process
  6. You need to enter the options correctly. So, keep a list of options with the interested school codes and course codes ready before starting the application process.  Check this before proceeding –
    Districtwise list of Schools and courses
    Last Year Rank and WGPA of Each schoolCheck this to know your Chances of Admission
  7. Keep your Mark lists and SSLC/ CBSE/ICSE exam certificate ready for reference
  8. The certificates of proof bonus points ready for reference.
  9. In case of any doubts regarding entering the category/options, contact the help desk functioning in the nearest school.

Application Process

  1. Application process will start soon. visit and click on the ‘APPLY ONLINE-SWS link, you will be presented with the login page.
  2. Select the scheme based on the table below
SSLC(Grading System)2023-2401
SSLC(Grading System) 2007 to 202302
THSLC-IHRD(Grading System)03
THSLC -Tech.Edu(New Scheme 2016 Onwards)08
  • Scheme ‘OTHER’ includes National Institute of open schooling (NIOS),ART HSLC, Other States, Other Countries and Any Other scheme not included in scheme list)
  • After entering the date of birth and other details, you will get the online application form
  • Select the school where the student studied for 10th STD, if the school is not listed select others.
  • The next option will be of the qualifying exam details.
  • Enter the students name, gender and category.
  • Enter the details if the student belong to linguistic minority.
  • Enter details of residence with District, Taluk and Panchayat.
  • Next option is to give the residential address.
  • Enter the details of bonus points for various categories, You must ensure you have the related certificate in hand. Your admission will be cancelled for wrong claims.
  • Enter the details of Sports/ Arts festival grade details.
  • NTSE/ Club activity details.
  • Enter the grade details of your scheme of study. See the table above to select your scheme code.
  • Select the intended school code and course code. If any help needed click on ““Need help? Click here to view school list” link available in the page.. See Subject Combinations and Codes & List of Schools with Courses
  • You can select as many options you need.
  • Enter the details of bonus point certificates.
  • You will have an option to preview the application and correct the mistakes.
  • You will get an application number after submitting the application, note it down for future reference.

How to select the school and subject combination in HSCAP Ekajalakam?

The complete details of the schools available in each district together with the batch details, available subject combinations, number of seats are available can be had from Plus One Admission 2024- Districtwise list of Schools, Subject Combinations, No of seats . select the district to view the list of schools.

Read the following directions before submitting your Plus One Single window applications for HSE Admissions. See a model Filled in Form to prepare yourself for the application

All SSLC/ THSLC passed students together with the CBSE and ICSE syllabus students must submit applications for plus one admissions in Kerala Government/ Aided Higher Secondary schools. As in the previous years, the admission process is carried out in a single window system.

  • Students want to apply for admissions need to submit an online application through
  • Only one application is required for plus one admissions in  all the schools in a district. If you are looking for admissions in schools in more than one district a separate application to each district has to be given. See the Schools and Courses list here
  • You have to select option for school and course with due consideration of subject combinations available in the school, the last year plus two result of the particular school, distance to the school from your residence and transportation facilities available.
  • Bonus points for club activities, participation in Arts and Sports festivals, SPC, swimming, NCC, Rajya Puraskar etc should be entered with utmost care, because all this will be considered while calculating your final rank

Frequently Asked Questions on HSCAP 2024

What is Ekajalakam / Single Window System?

Ekajalakam is the Centralised and single window admission and allotment process of Kerala Government and Aided Higher Secondary Schools for plus one admissions. In this system the student need to submit only one application for admission to all the schools in one district.

What is the method of submitting Plus one application ?

In this single window system of plus one admissions, candidates need to submit online application in HSCAP website, In the online application process, you need to submit the SSLC exam grades, Date of Birth, Details of Bonus Points for club activities etc and all other details to secure the grace marks, if the candidate is eligible for it. Read Manual for HSCAP 2024 Admissions How to Submit Plus One Application for more details

Created candidate login but forgot to write down the application number ?

You can recover application number through get a username / application number link

Eligibility certificate does not contain number and date

If your eligibility certificate does not have number& date, you can give certificate roll number/ registration number and result published date in that place.

My school name is not available in SSLC studied school list

Only schools that have Higher Secondary sections are listed in school list. If your school is not listed, you can select others in that section. If you are applying for another district also, your school will not be available in that list. In that case also, you can select Others as your school.

Do I need to submit the print out of the application in the school?

No need to give print out of applications in your desired school.

Can I correct the mistakes in the application after final confirmation ?

You will be given a chance to correct the mistakes in the application after the trial allotment. At that time you can login through the candidate login for correcting mistakes in school selection and subject combination.

I’m living /not living in the Taluk/ Place given in the SSLC book. How can I claim the bonus points?

If you need to claim bonus points of another LSG/ Taluk than the one mentioned in the SSLC book, produce ration card/ Nativity certificate in the new address to get the bonus points.

Are the dependant of Jawan bonus points available for CRPF/ BSF/ Coast Guard sections?


Can I apply in more than one district with the same candidate login ?

No, for applying in another district, you need to create a new candidate login.

Can I submit more than one application using the same mobile number ?

No, You can submit only one application in one district using one mobile number.

I forgot the +1 Appication/ Ekajalakam Password, what to do now ?

You can reset the password using forgot password link in Candidate login-SWS link by submitting Application number, DOB, Mobile number, Applied district and Captcha code.

Can I change the mobile number or correct the Date of Birth ?

You cannot change the Scheme, Register nunmber, SSLC passed Month/Year or mobile number after candidate registration.

Can I submit the application from my home computer ?

Yes, you can submit the application from any computer/ mobile phone which is having an Internet connection,

Do I need to submit the offline application form?


How much is the application fee ?

No application fee need to be submitted with the application form.

Can I apply in more than one district in HSCAP?

Yes, you can. In that case, a separate application need to be submitted for each district.

Is one application sufficient for all schools in my district ?


How to know my chances of Admission in a Particular School ?

Check Last year Rank details and WGPA details of each school compare it with your WGPA and take it as a guidance to know your chance to get admitted into a particular school.

What is School Code in the Application ?

For admission purpose, every higher secondary  school is assigned with a code. The school code for your school can be had from the annexure of the prospectus.

What is subject combination code ?

HSE subjects are generally arranged in 3 groups viz- Science, Humanities and Commerce. In each group, many subject combinations are available for the candidate to choose from. The subject combinations, their codes and weightage of SSLC marks can be had from HSCAP Subject Combinations and Codes

How to select the best school?

It is upto you.. A lot of factors need to be considered before selecting your higher secondary school. You need to think about the available subject combinations, your chance of getting admission based on last years admission cut off marks, distance to the school, transportation facilities available etc. It is better to prepare a  trial list of options before selecting it online. You can use this form to prepare a trial list of options Worksheet-Option sample file

Am I eligible for bonus points?

Check the file to know whether you are eligible for bonus points

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