ICSE STD 10 Board Exam 2022-English Literature Question Paper and Key

ICSE Board exam 2022 English Literature question and key

Download previous year paper of ICSE Class 10 Semester-2 Exam 2022 of Literature In English- English Paper 2. The examination was held on 26th April 2022, Tuesday. Those preparing for the upcoming ICSE Board examinations may find this question paper and solutions to be of immense help, as these papers help to familiarize students with the types of questions and format of the exam, and can also be used to identify areas where a student needs to focus more on.

Sample questions from ICSE 2022 class 10 papers for English Paper II

Choose the correct answer to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question. Write the correct answer only.) [20]
(i) What did Abou Ben Adhem see in his bedroom when he awoke one night?
(a) A fairy writing in a book of gold.
(b) An angel sitting on his bed
(c) A fairy sitting on his bed
(d) An angel writing in a book of gold.

(ii) Which of the following lines from the poem. *Nine Gold Medals’ tells us that the poem describes an international sporting event?
(a) The athletes had come from so many countries.
(b) And nine young athletes stood there determined.
(c) The eight other athletes stopped in their tracks.
(d) To run for the gold, for the silver and bronze.

(iii) In the poem that Margot wrote, (in Ray Bradbury’s story, ‘All Summer in a Day’), she compares the sun to a……………..
(a) Penny (b) clock
(c) flower (d) lemon

(iv) “Aw, you didn’t write that!” Who said these words and to whom?
(a) Margot to one of the boys.
(b) Margot to William
(c) The teacher to Margot
(d) One of the boys to Margot.

(v) Jesse Owens says that Hitler had kept him (Luz Long) ‘under wraps’. What does the phrase ‘under wraps’ mean?
(a) Wrapped in a blanket
(b) Gift wrapped
(c) A carefully concealed secret
(d) Beneath a wrapper

(vi) Which Olympic event was Jesse Owens confident of winning?
(a) The one hundred metres race
(b) The four hundred metres race
(c) The high jump
(d) The running broad jump

(vii) The Duke refers to Shylock as a “stony adversary in the opening lines of Act 4 of “The Merchant of Venice”. What does the phrase ‘story adversary’ men?
(a) An enemy made of rock
(b) A hard-hearted enemy
(c) A difficult enemy
(d) A dangerous enemy

(viii) “My deeds upon my head! I crave the law. the penalty and forfeit of my bond.” Who says these words and to whom?
(a) Portia to Antonio
(b) Shylock to Portia
(c) Bassanio to Portia
(d) Antonio to Shylock

(ix) Why does a quarrel break out between Nerissa and Gratiano in the final Act of “The Merchant of Venice”?
(a) Gratiano admits that he had given away the ring which Nerissa had given to him.
(b) Nerissa admits that she had accompanied Portia to Venice disguised as a lawyer’s clerk.
(c) Gratiano is annoyed with Nerissa for giving away his ring to a stranger in Venice.
(d) Nerissa is angry with Gratiano for leaving for Venice on the very day they were married.

(x) How does Lorenzo recognize Portia even before he sees her when the two young women return from Venice?
(a) by the clothes she wears.
(b) by the sound of her voice.
(c) by the perfume she uses.
(d) by her touch

Download the Complete English Paper II question papers and keys in PDF format from the link below.

ICSE 2022 Question Paper and Key- Literature In English- English Paper 2

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