Chemistry free study materials notes and books for entrance exams
Attaching some model question papers, study notes, materials , books etc which help you for preparing for Engineering / medical entrance chemistry paper. Model questions are selected from previous year question papers and solutions and answer keys are also included with the question papers.

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.pdf   JEE AIPMT Chemistry notes.pdf (Size: 2.05 MB / Downloads: 9,798)
.pdf   model paper chemistry.pdf (Size: 184.1 KB / Downloads: 4,785)
.pdf   Mole concept solved MCQ questions.pdf (Size: 200.88 KB / Downloads: 4,567)
.pdf   Physical chemistry notes.pdf (Size: 176.62 KB / Downloads: 6,592)
.pdf   Transition elements- model questions.pdf (Size: 202.64 KB / Downloads: 4,152)

Free study materials for Medical and Engineering Entrance chemistry paper continues

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.pdf   Atomic Structure important questions with key.pdf (Size: 38.79 KB / Downloads: 4,076)
.pdf   Basic concepts in chemistry notes.pdf (Size: 215.26 KB / Downloads: 4,563)
.pdf   Chemistry Atomic Structure 2 important questions with key.pdf (Size: 42.87 KB / Downloads: 3,090)
.pdf   Chemistry Guess paper 1.pdf (Size: 63.38 KB / Downloads: 2,641)
.pdf   Chemistry Important Questions.pdf (Size: 70.22 KB / Downloads: 3,599)

Important questions and answers for Chemistry entrance papers

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.pdf   Chemistry model test with solutions.pdf (Size: 35.57 KB / Downloads: 2,874)
.pdf   Chemistry Notes and Important Formulas.pdf (Size: 716.93 KB / Downloads: 5,483)
.pdf   Chemistry question bank for JEE Main and Medical Entrance.pdf (Size: 857.11 KB / Downloads: 3,513)
.pdf   Chemistry solved model question paper.pdf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 3,505)
.pdf   Chemistry solved previous year paper.pdf (Size: 366.38 KB / Downloads: 2,986)

Chemistry study materials and notes for medical and engineering entrance examinations.

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.pdf   Chemistry-model-paper.pdf (Size: 63.38 KB / Downloads: 2,154)
.pdf   Chemistry-ModelTest.pdf (Size: 35.57 KB / Downloads: 1,915)
.pdf   Engineering Entrance Chemistry revision questions.pdf (Size: 308.68 KB / Downloads: 2,368)
.pdf   Inorganic Chemistry question paper.pdf (Size: 37.63 KB / Downloads: 2,618)

Good work dear ... Nice collection

Thank you for chemistry books and materials. I downloaded everything and it will help me a lot

Thanks allot. I am a student of chemistry. I found very much useful chemistry material and i am very happy that it is easy to save. please send me more chemistry books and other chemistry material whenever available. -Smile

i am not able to download file .plzz help

there is no any material for gate preparation for chemistry

Very nice collection.....Thankyou so much

i say that me need more so anyone help me

Dear Sir,

I need some Chemistry model papers for PGCET for recognized Universities, please help me...

G Haribabu

Nice collection but last set of links are not working. Please help...

(07-28-2017, 10:36 PM)Rohnak Agarwal Wrote: Nice collection but last set of links are not working. Please help...

very Nice chemistry books for neet preparation

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