Law study materials and model questions
A collection of study materials and model MCQ questions for candidates preparing for CSAT, Law Officer, Magistrate and the like examinations. The papers are also useful to competitive examinations like Bank PO, CLAT Entrance and the like.

Some materials are collected from Sourashtra University. So the Gujarati Versions are also present in the question paper. Candidates who can safely avoid the Gujarati Version, and concentrate on the English Translation of the questions.

These Free Books on Law are free to download.

Attached Files
.pdf   Company Law MCQ Study Material.pdf (Size: 733.74 KB / Downloads: 2,613)
.pdf   Banking Law Study Material.pdf (Size: 526.5 KB / Downloads: 1,893)
.pdf   Civil Procedure Code Study Material.pdf (Size: 559.58 KB / Downloads: 2,591)
.pdf   Civil Procedure Code 2 Study Material.pdf (Size: 544.02 KB / Downloads: 1,962)
.pdf   Comapny concepts Book for free download.pdf (Size: 668.34 KB / Downloads: 1,753)

More books on Law for free download

Attached Files
.pdf   Contract Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 578.36 KB / Downloads: 2,244)
.pdf   CPA Study Material Book for free download.pdf (Size: 639.82 KB / Downloads: 1,327)
.pdf   Criminal Procedure Code Study Material.pdf (Size: 757.04 KB / Downloads: 2,065)
.pdf   Employees State Insurance Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 1,236)
.pdf   ENVIRONMENTAL LAW Study Material.pdf (Size: 2.16 MB / Downloads: 2,230)

Law free study guides and notes for download

Attached Files
.pdf   Equity, Trust & Fiduciary Relationship Study Material.pdf (Size: 1.7 MB / Downloads: 1,591)
.pdf   Evidence Act Ebook.pdf (Size: 776.17 KB / Downloads: 1,586)
.pdf   Evidence Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 573.34 KB / Downloads: 1,452)
.pdf   FACTORY ACT - 1948 Study Material.pdf (Size: 507.91 KB / Downloads: 1,113)
.pdf   FUNDAMENTALS OF LAWS AND ETHICS Study Material.pdf (Size: 1.58 MB / Downloads: 1,407)

Important Questions on different topics of law

Attached Files
.pdf   Hindu Family Law free book.pdf (Size: 543.24 KB / Downloads: 5,418)
.pdf   Human Rights Study Material.pdf (Size: 681.18 KB / Downloads: 1,414)
.pdf   Indian Companies Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 2.14 MB / Downloads: 1,203)
.pdf   Indian Constitution 2 Study Material.pdf (Size: 616.21 KB / Downloads: 1,850)
.pdf   Indian Constitution.pdf (Size: 600.96 KB / Downloads: 1,654)

Law study notes for preparing for competitive examinations

Attached Files
.pdf   Indian Penal Code Study Material.pdf (Size: 2.26 MB / Downloads: 2,167)
.pdf   Industrial Dispute Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 510.01 KB / Downloads: 1,013)
.pdf   Industrial employment (Standing order) Study Material.pdf (Size: 501.17 KB / Downloads: 916)
.pdf   Interpretation of Statutes Study Material.pdf (Size: 563.39 KB / Downloads: 1,926)
.pdf   Jurisprudence Study Material.pdf (Size: 595.27 KB / Downloads: 2,329)

Law guides and materials for exam preparation

Attached Files
.pdf   Law MCQ Study Material.pdf (Size: 746.65 KB / Downloads: 1,826)
.pdf   minimum wages act Study Material.pdf (Size: 1.1 MB / Downloads: 1,057)
.pdf   Muslim Law Study Material.pdf (Size: 574.63 KB / Downloads: 1,379)
.pdf   Patents Study Material.pdf (Size: 580.68 KB / Downloads: 1,167)
.pdf   Sale of Goods Act Questions and Answers.pdf (Size: 580.28 KB / Downloads: 1,178)

Notes on Important topics of Law continued...

Attached Files
.pdf   SALES OF GOODS ACT Study Material.pdf (Size: 746.65 KB / Downloads: 1,198)
.pdf   The Payment of Bonus Act - 1965 Study Material.pdf (Size: 859.78 KB / Downloads: 820)
.pdf   The Payment of wages Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 847.12 KB / Downloads: 876)
.pdf   Trade Union Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 503.1 KB / Downloads: 869)
.pdf   Transfer of Property Study Material.pdf (Size: 580.51 KB / Downloads: 1,329)

Study material on all basic law related questions

Download from here - Fundamentals of Law- Study material

A Complete study material on Corporate and Company Law

Download from here - Corporate Law and Compliance

Both materials are prepared by CMAI and available for free download. Select the free download option in the target site

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.pdf   Workmen’s Compensation Act Study Material.pdf (Size: 815.76 KB / Downloads: 842)

wonderful study material of law ...
thank you ..very much

It is very beneficial for judicial aspirants....

Thank you very much...


awesome thread and posts.
Nice work.So helpful for law students.

I want be a notes of all law subject

Please provide notes on IPC. the one you provided is sort of model question paper..

Good effort... useful and informative
Thank you

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