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Download model and previous year question papers, class notes, video explanations by experts, worksheets, important questions, textbook problem solutions, experiment videos etc of Kerala Class 10 Chemistry textbook. These materials are prepared by eminent faculties and provided to you to ease your self-study process. All pdf materials are available in English and Malayalam medium.

These materials are strictly as per the latest SCERT Kerala Chemistry textbook.  It follows the latest syllabus prescribed by the board. It contains all types of study materials to reduce your hardship to study by giving a synopsis and notes for every chapter which contains important points and concepts. Each chapter has figures flowcharts and experiments wherever required for better, fast and clear understanding.

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Kerala SSLC Chemistry Syllabus

1 Periodic Table and Electronic Configuration

2 Gas Laws & Mole Concept

3 Reactivity Series and Electrochemistry

4 Production of Metals

5 Compounds of Non-Metals

6 Nomenclature of Organic Compounds and Isomerism

7 Chemical Reactions of Organic Compounds

The Kerala SSLC Chemistry textbook has been designed to promote Scientific activities, while enabling social progress, and also uphold eco-friendly values. The text has tried to incorporate such ideologies to the possible extent and to discuss emerging areas like Green Chemistry. The activities in the textbook is  organised  giving due emphasis to the level of the students competence through investigative learning.

The initial units focus on explaining peculiarities of elements related to their electronic configuration, identifying the relationship between mass of substances and their number of molecules and also identifying the significance of mole concept in chemistry. Following this, discussions on the rate of reactions and equilibrium and chemical reactivity of metals and their stages of production are made. Some basic concepts in Organic Chemistry are discussed in the textbook.

SSLC Chemistry model & previous year question papers

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SSLC Chemistry model question papers

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SSLC CHEMISTRY  Notes, Solutions to problems, Worksheets and Video Classes

 You can download the solutions of problems, class notes, worksheets and explanation video classes of each chapters from the link given below.

Chapter NameNotes and Materials Download Link
Periodic table and Electronic configurationDownload
Gas Laws & Mole ConceptDownload
Reactivity Series and ElectrochemistryDownload
Production of metalsDownload
Compounds of Non-MetalsDownload

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