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A collection of study materials to enable you to study the SS textbook of Kerala 10th Standard. You can download explanation videos by various faculties, daily class study notes, supporting video clips, worksheets, chapterwise important questions and answers, previous year question papers etc of SCERT SSLC Social Science I and SS II textbooks. Both English Medium and Malayalam medium versions of materials are available in pdf format for free download.  

Though offline classes are started for class 10 students, the direct teaching sessions are limited due to the Covid 19 social distancing restrictions. These materials prepared by well known educationists will help you to score maximum marks for SSLC examination for social sciences

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Class X Social Science Syllabus

SS Textbook Part I contains the following chapters (History, Politics & Sociology)

1. Revolutions that Influenced the World

2. World in the Twentieth Century

3. Public Administration

4. British Exploitation and Resistance

5. Culture and Nationalism

6. Struggle and Freedom

7. India after Independence

8. Kerala towards Modernity

9. The State and Political Science

10. Civic Consciousness

11. Sociology: What? Why?

SS Textbook Part II contains the following chapters (Geography and Economics)

1. Seasons and Time

2. In search of the Source of Wind

3. Human Resource Development in India

4. Landscape Analysis through Maps

5. Public Expenditure and Public Revenue

6. Eyes in the Sky and Data Analysis

7. India: The Land of Diversities

8. Resource Wealth of India

9. Financial Institutions and Services

10. Consumer: Satisfaction and Protection

The lessons in Class X Social Science Part I are based on the vision that the study of Social Science is indispensable to inculcate values like fraternity, universal outlook, secularism, and democracy. The learners will find this textbook simple and attractive, for, it properly blends various themes from History, Political Science, and Sociology. These subjects have much in common when it comes to their approaches and perspectives. History is an unending dialogue between the present and the past. Though it narrates the past, it sheds light on the present and points to the future. Political Science and Sociology offer ample scope to experience the realities of contemporary life and help develop civic consciousness and social responsibility.

The lessons in Class X Social Science Part II are so arranged as to help familiarize the physiography, climate, and soil of our country, and to develop a general awareness on the use of the potentials of modern technology in geography. We are living in a world where human resource development is necessary. This textbook also discusses concepts like the society in which we regularly interact, the economic transactions in the society, banks and their functions, and national income.  

SSLC SS model question papers and answer keys

SSLC SS 1  Notes, Question Answers, Worksheets and Video Classes

 You can download the solutions of problems, class notes, worksheets and explanation video classes of each chapter from the link given below.

Chapter NameNotes and Materials Download Link
Revolutions That Influenced The WorldDownload
World in the twentieth CenturyDownload
Public AdministrationDownload
British Exploitation and ResistanceDownload
Struggle and FreedomDownload

SSLC SS II  Notes, Question Answers, Worksheets and Video Classes

Chapter NameNotes and Materials Download Link
Seasons & TimeDownload
In search of the Source of the WindDownload
Human Resource Development in IndiaDownload
Landscape Analysis through MapsDownload
Eyes in the sky and Data analysisDownload

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