KEAM 2023 Solved Question Paper

KEAM 2023- Question paper answer key and solutions.

KEAM 2023 question paper and key

Office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations has conducted the Kerala Engineering/Pharmacy Entrance Examinations KEAM 2023 for the academic year 2023-24 on 17.05.2023 (Wednesday). You can download the question paper, answer key and solutions from this page.

KEAM 2023 Question Paper and answer key.

You can check and download Paper 1 and Paper 2 question papers of KEAM examination here. Questions are arranged subjectwise with answer keys of the same. PDF copies of the question paper are available at the respective links.

KEAM 2023 PHYSICS questions and answer key

  1. A thin convex lens of refractive index 1.5 has a focal length of 10 cm in air. When the lens is immersed in a fluid, its focal length becomes 70 cm. The refractive index of the fluid is:
    A) 1.33
    B) 1.6
    C) 1.25
    D) 1.45
    E) 1.4
    Ans: E)
  2. In a Young’s double slit experiment, which of the following statements is NOT true?
    A) Angular separation of the fringes remains constant when the screen is moved away from the plane of the slits.
    B) Fringe separation increases when the separation between the two slits decreases.
    C) Sharpness of the fringe pattern decreases when the source slit width increases.
    D) Distance between the fringes decreases when the separation between slits and the screen increases.
    E) The central fringe is white when the monochromatic source is replaced by a white light source.
    Ans: D
  3. A uniform thin rod of mass 3 kg has a length of 1 m. If a point mass of 1 kg is attached to it at a distance of 40 cm from its center, the center of mass shifts by a distance of:
    A) 2.5 cm
    B) 5 cm
    C) 8 cm
    D) 10 cm
    E) 20 cm
    Ans: D
  4. An average frictional force of 80 N is required to stop an object at a distance of 25 m. If the initial speed of the object is 20 m/s, the mass of the object is:
    A) 25 kg
    B) 12 kg
    C) 30 kg
    D) 40 kg
    E) 10 kg
    Ans: D
  5. An ideal gas is kept in a closed container. If the temperature is doubled and the volume of the container is reduced to half, the gas pressure is:
    A) unchanged
    B) halved
    C) doubled
    D) increased by 4 times
    E) increased by 16 times
    Ans: D

KEAM 2023 Complete Physics question paper and key

KEAM 2023 CHEMISTRY questions and answer key

  1. Which of the following statement cannot be explained by the proposals of Dalton’s atomic theory ?
    A) Reorganisation of atoms in chemical reactions
    B) Identical properties of all atoms of given element
    C) The reason for combining of atoms
    D) Formation of compounds from the combination of elements in a fixed ratio
    Ans: C
  2. Find the wrong statement from the following lists:
    A) Dipole-Dipole interaction exists in the HCl molecules.
    B) Three states of matter are due to the balance between intermolecular forces and the thermal energy of the molecules.
    C) According to kinetic theory of gases, the collisions of gas molecules are perfectly elastic.
    D) Strength of hydrogen bond depends on the coulombic interaction between lone pair of electrons of one atom and the hydrogen atom.
    E) Aqueous tension of water decreases with the increase in temperature.
    Ans: E
  3. The number of S-S bonds and the number of lone pairs in S8 molecule, respectively, are:
    A) 8,8
    B) 8, 16
    C) 16, 8
    D) 8, 4
    E) 4, 8
    Ans: B
  4. Which of the following compounds extensively has Mg as an important element in the living world ?
    A) Haemoglobin
    B) ATP
    C) Florigen
    D) Ferritin
    E) Chlorphyll
    Ans: E
  5. HF is a liquid unlike other hydrogen halides because :
    A) H-F bond is strong
    B) Hydrogen bonding is present
    C) HF is a weak acid
    D) F atom is smaller in size
    E) HF is a strong base
    Ans: B

    KEAM 2023 Complete CHEMISTRY question paper and key

KEAM 2023 MATHEMATICS questions and answer key


Ans: D


Ans: D


Ans: E


Ans: B


Ans: A

KEAM 2023 Complete MATHS question paper and key

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