KEAM 2022- Question Paper Answer Key and Solutions

KEAM 2022-Answer Key

You can download the question paper, answer key and solutions of Kerala Engineering and Pharmacy Entrance Examination KEAM 2022 from this page. The KEAM 2022 examination was held on 04.07.2022.

KEAM 2022 Entrance Examination was conducted by CEE Kerala. The exam was conducted in 2 sessions Paper I Physics and Chemistry is conducted in the morning session and Paper II Mathematics in the afternoon session.

Official Answer keys for KEAM 2022

The official answer keys of Kerala Engineering Entrance examination is expected to be released within one week, check the official CEE website for the official keys

KEAM 2022- Physics Questions and Answer Keys

  1. The technology related with the Bernoulli’s principle is used in
    (A) hydroelectric power
    (B) rocket propulsion
    (C) aeroplane
    (D) steam engine
    (E) electron microscope
    Ans: (C) aeroplane
  2. In projectile motion, the physical quantity that remains invariant throughout
    (A) vertical component of velocity
    (B) horizontal component of velocity
    (C) kinetic energy of the projectile
    (D) potential energy of the projectile
    (E) linear momentum of the projectile
    Ans: (B) horizontal component of velocity
  3. Which one of the following is not a contact force?
    (A) frictional force
    (B) buoyant force
    (C) air resistance
    (D) viscous force
    (E) gravitational force
    Ans: (E) gravitational force
  4. Two persons stand at the edges of a rotating circular platform at diametrically opposite points. If they start moving towards each other at uniform velocity, then its
    (A) angular velocity decreases
    (B) moment of inertia increases
    (C) moment of inertia remains constant
    (D) angular velocity increases and moment of inertia decreases
    (E) both angular velocity and moment of inertia remain constant
    Ans: (D) angular velocity increases and moment of inertia decreases
  5. The working of hydraulic lift is based on the principle of
    (A) Bernoulli
    (B) Toricelli’s law
    (C) Pascal’s law
    (E) Stoke’s law
    (D) Magnus effect
    Ans: (C) Pascal’s law
  6. A process in which the amount of heat supplied to the system goes fully to change its internal energy and temperature is
    (A) adiabatic process
    (B) cyclic process
    (C) isobaric process
    (D) isothermal process
    (E) isochoric process
    Ans: (E) isochoric process
  7. The INCORRECT statement is
    (A) A liquid is incompressible and has free surface of its own
    (B) A gas is compressible and occupy all the space available to it
    (C) Pressure in a fluid at rest is same at all points which are at the same height
    (D) The surface of water in a capillary is concave
    (E) Surface tension is a force per unit area
    Ans: (E) Surface tension is a force per unit area
  8. No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a colder object to a hotter object. This is Clausius statement for
    (A) Zeroth law of thermodynamics
    (B) First law of thermodynamics
    (C) Second law of thermodynamics
    (D) Carnot’s theorem
    (E) Principle of refrigeration
    Ans: (C) Second law of thermodynamics
  9. Conservation of charge and conservation of energy are respectively the basis of
    (A) Joule’s law and Ampere’s circuital law
    (B) Gauss’ law and Ohm’s law
    (C) Kirchhoffs junction rule and loop rule
    (D) Coulomb’s inverse square law and Gauss’ law
    (E) Joule’s law and Ohm’s law
    Ans: (C) Kirchhoffs junction rule and loop rule
  10. Material that is widely used to make wire hound standard resistors is
    (A) manganin
    (B) iron
    (C) copper
    (D) tungsten
    (E) germanium
    Ans: (A) manganin

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KEAM 2022- CHEMISTRY Questions and Answer Keys

  1. Conveyor belt is manufactured from_________
    (A) buna-S
    (B) neoprene
    (D) teflon
    (E) glyptal
    Ans: (B) neoprene
  2. Which one of the following is a non-narcotic analgesics?
    (A) Morphine
    (B) Codeine
    (C) Paracetamol
    (D) Heroin
    (E) Bithional
    Ans: (C) Paracetamol
  3. The primary precursor of photochemical smog that can be metabolised by plants such as Juniparus and Pyrus, is
    (A) nitrogen dioxide
    (D) carbon dioxide
    (B) ozone
    (E) sulphur dioxide
    (C) PAN
    Ans: (A) nitrogen dioxide
  4. The product formed, when benzene diazonium fluoroborate is heated with aqueous sodium nitrite solution in the presence of copper is
    (A) fluorobcnzene
    (B) benzene
    (C) phenol
    (D) p-nitrophenol
    (E) nitrobenzene
    Ans: (E) nitrobenzene
  5. Which one of the following is a polysaccharide?
    (A) Glycogen
    (B) Lactose
    (C) Maltose
    (D) Sucrose
    (E) Glucose
    Ans: (A) Glycogen
  6. Toluene on treatment with chromic oxide in acetic anhydride at 273K to 283K gives
    (A) benzaldyde
    (B) benzylidene diacetate
    (C) benzoic acid
    (E) phenylacetate
    (D) benzyl alcohol
    Ans: (B) benzylidene diacetate
  7. Among methanamine, ethanamine, benzenamine, N-methylaniline and N, N-dimethylaniline, the weakest and the strongest base in aqueous phase, respectively are
    (A) benzenamine and methanamine
    (B) N-methylaniline and ethanamine
    (C) N, N-dimethylaniline and ethanamine
    (D) benzenamine and ethanamine
    (E) N-methylaniline and methanamine
    Ans: (D) benzenamine and ethanamine
  8. Which one of the following is not an ore of iron?
    (A) Magnesite
    (B) Haematite
    (C) Magnetite
    (D) Siderite
    (E) Iron pyrites
    Ans: (A) Magnesite
  9. The meal which dissolves in liquid ammonia to give a blue-black solution due to formation of solvated electron is
    (A) aluminum
    (B) gallium
    (C) calcium
    (D) silicon
    (E) germanium
    Ans: (C) calcium
  10. Which one of the following contains Lhe highest number of oxygen atoms?
    (A) One mole of aluminum sulphate
    (B) Two moles of ferrous sulphate
    (C) Three moles of hydrogen peroxide
    (D) Two moles of potassium permanganate
    (E) One mole of potassium dichromate
    Ans: (A) One mole of aluminum sulphate

KEAM 2022- Paper I Solutions

KEAM 2022- MATHEMATICS Questions and Answer Keys

  1. The sum of the first 24 terms of the series 9-1-13 + 17+….. is equal to
    (A) 1212
    (B) 1200
    (C) 1440
    (D) 1320
    Ans: (D) 1320
  2. In an A.P. there are 18 terms and the last three terms of the A.P. are 67, 72, 77. Then the first term of the A.P. is
    (A) -7
    (B) 9
    (C) -9
    (E) 7
    Ans: (D)-8
  3. If the first term of a G.P. is 3 and the sum of second and third terms is 60, then the common ratio of the GP. is
    (A) 4 or – 3
    (B) 4 only
    (C) 4 or 5
    (D) 4 or – 5
    (E) -5 only
    Ans: (D) 4 or – 5
  4. The number of arrangements containing all the seven letter of the word ALRIGHT that begins with LG is
    (A) 720
    (B) 120
    (C) 600
    (D) 540
    (E) 760
    Ans: (B) 120
  5. The number of numbers greater than 6000 that can be formed from the digits 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 (no digit is repeated in a number) is equal to
    (A) 264
    (B) 720
    (C) 192
    (D) 132
    (E) 544
    Ans: (C) 192

KEAM Paper II Solutions

Download the Complete Question Paper & answer key from the link below

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