ICSE 10th Board Exam 2024- Last 15 year question papers & Keys

Previous 15 Year question papers of ICSE 10th Board Exam from 2007-2023

ICSE Class 10 previous question papers

You can download previous year question papers and answer keys of ICSE examination 10th standard board examination from this page. These PDF question papers will help you in your preparations and facing the examination with confidence as all these papers adhere to the syllabus and pattern of ICSE Board examinations.

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination 2024- Timetable

As per the latest timetable released by the CICSE board, the class 10 Board examination is scheduled to start on February 21st. You can get the latest schedule from below. For most updated information about the changes in schedule, visit https://cisce-gov.in/

ICSE Exam Dates 2024- Important subjects

Datesheet of major subjects are available here below.

icse board exam 2024 timetable

Note: 1. In addition to the time indicated on the Timetable for writing the paper, 15 minutes time is given for reading the question paper.

  1. The question paper may be distributed to candidates at 10:45 a.m. to enable them to start writing at 11:00 a.m.

ICSE Board exam Detailed timetable 2024

The detailed Date sheet of CSE board exam 2024 containing all the subject and elective exam schedule can be downloaded directly from INDIAN CERTIFICATE OF SECONDARY EDUCATION YEAR 2024 EXAMINATION TIMETABLE

Previous Year question papers of  ICSE Board Exam – STD 10

Practising with the previous year question papers will help you to face the real examination with much confidence. It will familiarize you with the latest paper pattern and difficulty of question papers, find out important portions etc. Practising with previous 10 year question papers of each subject will guarantee the weak students getting minimum marks in the examination, and for the bright ones, these papers will reveal the intricacies of different types of questions and avert losing marks. These papers will give you perceptions into the crucial chapters and their weightage in the exam because the main emphasis of CISCE Board is on analytical skills and theoretical understanding.

Download the last year ICSE 10th Question papers from the links below

Sl NoQuestion paper download link
1ICSE Board exam 2023- Solved question papers
2ICSE Board exam 2022- Solved question papers
3ICSE Board exam 2020- Solved question papers
4ICSE Board exam 2019- Solved question papers
5ICSE Board exam 2018- Solved question papers Set 1
ICSE Board exam 2023- Solved question papers Set 2
6ICSE Board exam 2017- Solved question papers
7ICSE Board exam 2016- Solved question papers
8ICSE Board exam 2015- Solved question papers
9ICSE Board exam 2014- Solved question papers
10ICSE Board exam 2013- Solved question papers
11ICSE Board exam 2012- Solved question papers
12ICSE Board exam 2011- Solved question papers
13ICSE Board exam 2010- Solved question papers
14ICSE Board exam 2009- Solved question papers
15ICSE Board exam 2008- Solved question papers
15ICSE Board exam 2007- Solved question papers

ISCE STD X previous question papers- Subjectwise

Sl NoSubjectPaper DetailsDownload Link
1EnglishLast 12 YearDownload
2HindiLast 6 YearDownload
3EconomicsLast 5 yearDownload
4Economics ApplicationsLast 6 YearDownload
5History and CivicsLast 6 yearDownload
6GeographyLast 5 yearDownload
7MathsLast 12 YearDownload
8PhysicsLast 12 YearDownload
9BiologyLast 12 YearDownload
10ChemistryLast 12 YearDownload

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