Kerala SSLC Biology- Notes & Questions with Focus Area Chapters

A collection of study materials for SSLC Biology Paper

SSLC Biology study materials

Download class notes, explanation videos, worksheets, important questions, solutions to problems etc for Kerala SCERT STD X Chemistry textbook. These materials are compiled from the articles  prepared by various Biology teachers and associations in the state. All materials available for Malayalam and English medium students 

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Class X Biology Syllabus

The chapters and subtopics of SSLC Biology textbook is as follows

  1. Sensation and Responses
    Neuron and Nerve Impulse
    Kinds of Nervous System
    Reflex Action, Diseases Affecting Nervous System
  2. Windows of Knowledge
    Taste, Smell and Touch
  3. Chemical Messages for Homeostasis
    Chemical Co-ordination in Animals
    Pheromones and Plant Hormones
  4. Keeping Diseases Away
    Common Diseases, Causes and Symptoms
    Bad Habits and Diseases, Genetic Diseases
    Plant Diseases
  5. Soldiers of Defense
    The Skin Defense
    Blood – A Defense Mechanism and Immune System
    Methods of Treatment
    Defense Mechanism in Plants

The SSLC Biology textbook is designed to address the students’ curiosity to know how we sense and respond to our environment through the windows of knowledge.The students will be  certainly be surprised to learn how the human brain, nerves and hormones act together to co-ordinate the activities of the human body and the genetic secrets behind the uniqueness of living species, the recent developments in the field of Biotechnology which leads to the progress in human life. The path of evolution related to the origin of humans on earth has also been included in the book. How the wonder machine that is, the human body prevents diseases, and the precautionary measures to be followed to keep diseases away are also mentioned here. Reminders on avoiding accidents caused by carelessness, incorporated with learning activities will be beneficial in your daily life. 

Special collection of materials based on Focus Areas of Biology

SSLC BIOLOGY  Notes, Solutions to problems, Worksheets and Video Classes

 You can download the solutions of problems, class notes, worksheets and explanation video classes of each chapter from the link given below.

Chapter NameNotes and Materials Download Link
Sensations and ResponsesDownload
Windows of KnowledgeDownload
Chemical MessagesDownload
Keeping Diseases AwayDownload
Soldiers of DefenseDownload
Unravelling Genetic MysteriesDownload
Genetics of FutureDownload
The Paths Traversed by LifeDownload

Special collection of materials based on Focus Areas of Biology

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