GATE solved papers CS Computer Science last 20 years
IIT GATE solved question papers of Computer science paper. Last 20 years question papers and answers are available.

Download the PDF files at free of cost. It will help you in IIT GATE Entrance Exam preperation

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.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1991.PDF (Size: 149.96 KB / Downloads: 29,637)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1992.PDF (Size: 144.37 KB / Downloads: 18,807)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1993.PDF (Size: 182.64 KB / Downloads: 17,313)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1994.PDF (Size: 186.69 KB / Downloads: 16,737)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1995.PDF (Size: 178.99 KB / Downloads: 17,707)
GATE Computer Science Papers for 1996-2000

New All the latest papers of GATE CSE exam from 2017-1991 visit Previous year GATE CSE Solved question paper collection

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.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1996.PDF (Size: 189.6 KB / Downloads: 17,874)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1997.PDF (Size: 170.61 KB / Downloads: 16,195)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1998.PDF (Size: 161.18 KB / Downloads: 16,506)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 1999.PDF (Size: 161.16 KB / Downloads: 16,387)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2000.PDF (Size: 172.36 KB / Downloads: 19,249)
GATE Computer Science solved paper series 2001-1005

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.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2001.PDF (Size: 183.34 KB / Downloads: 23,366)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2002.PDF (Size: 469.23 KB / Downloads: 22,139)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2003.PDF (Size: 625.37 KB / Downloads: 25,754)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2004.PDF (Size: 205.58 KB / Downloads: 23,615)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2005.PDF (Size: 209.3 KB / Downloads: 25,330)
Question papers from 2006-2010

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.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2006.PDF (Size: 252.71 KB / Downloads: 28,038)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2007.PDF (Size: 216.87 KB / Downloads: 26,203)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2008.pdf (Size: 218.5 KB / Downloads: 26,967)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2009.pdf (Size: 243.58 KB / Downloads: 28,526)
.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2010.pdf (Size: 184.63 KB / Downloads: 34,940)
GATE Computer Science Question paper 2011 and answer Key

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.pdf   GATE CS Paper 2011 with Answers.PDF (Size: 282.87 KB / Downloads: 34,357)
Answer Keys for the GATE Computer Science Exam Papers are attached.. If you find any answer is incorrect. Please post it here[/align]

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.pdf   GATE CS 2003 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 167.5 KB / Downloads: 25,637)
.pdf   GATE CS 2004 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 61.62 KB / Downloads: 21,726)
.pdf   GATE CS 2005 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 91.95 KB / Downloads: 22,669)
.pdf   GATE CS 2006 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 61.37 KB / Downloads: 23,876)
Answer keys of GATE Computer Science Examination for year
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

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.pdf   GATE CS 2008 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 110.42 KB / Downloads: 27,320)
.pdf   GATE CS 2007 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 101.74 KB / Downloads: 25,604)
.pdf   GATE CS 2009 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 69.36 KB / Downloads: 26,822)
.pdf   GATE CS 2010 Exam Answer Key.pdf (Size: 85.62 KB / Downloads: 32,350)
GATE CS 2013 papers and solutions available at the thread
thanks buddy for giving me such a good things for GATE......

New All the latest papers of GATE CSE exam from 2017-1991 visit Previous year GATE CSE Solved question paper collection
I am able to find only the question paper, so can you plz let me know where can i find the solutions..

Can u assure whether the answer key given here corresponds to the exact set of the Question paper attached here
sir,i cant find answers .please attach explained answers for years 2005-2010,if u have it...please.
Few questions I solved in GATE 2008 paper and I found that the few solutions are wrong..... is the key attached is a bonafide one or not??
Hiiiiii, Can anybody provide me material of discrete mathematics?????????????
HI Buddy Thanks a lot..Good work...God Bless U...

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