GATE last 20 years question papers with solutions Mechanical Engg.
IIT Graduate Aptitude Test IIT-GATE Previous years question paper series. Last 20 years mechanical engineering question papers with solutions and answers are avaialable here. This GATE preperation material will help those who writing the GATE Entrance Exam for IIT programs.

GATE Question paper contains answers to Multiple Choice Questions and Descriptive Questions.

You can download and use all GATE Last year solved Mechanical Engineering Papers at free of cost

Attached Files
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1994.PDF (Size: 2.53 MB / Downloads: 48,492)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1995.PDF (Size: 2.57 MB / Downloads: 32,931)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1996.PDF (Size: 4.3 MB / Downloads: 33,544)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1997.PDF (Size: 4.21 MB / Downloads: 30,971)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1998.PDF (Size: 4.43 MB / Downloads: 33,248)

Nest set of GATE Mechanical Engineering solved papers

Attached Files
.pdf   GATE-ME-1993.PDF (Size: 93.78 KB / Downloads: 17,302)
.pdf   GATE ME 1992 Question Paper.pdf (Size: 115.86 KB / Downloads: 16,152)
.pdf   GATE ME 1991 Question Paper.PDF (Size: 188.17 KB / Downloads: 17,125)

The GATE Mechanical Engineering Solved paper series continues

Attached Files
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 1999.PDF (Size: 4.71 MB / Downloads: 31,191)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2001.PDF (Size: 4.2 MB / Downloads: 33,359)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2002.PDF (Size: 4.05 MB / Downloads: 31,585)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2003.PDF (Size: 5.59 MB / Downloads: 31,802)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2004.PDF (Size: 5 MB / Downloads: 34,274)

Mechanical Engineering Solved papers of GATE Exam

Attached Files
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2005.PDF (Size: 6.46 MB / Downloads: 37,572)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2006.PDF (Size: 5.03 MB / Downloads: 34,667)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2007.PDF (Size: 4.92 MB / Downloads: 38,001)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2008.PDF (Size: 7.28 MB / Downloads: 44,059)

More Papers on GATE ME

Attached Files
.pdf   GATE ME Paper 2008 Answers Explained.PDF (Size: 104.64 KB / Downloads: 27,048)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2009.PDF (Size: 193.19 KB / Downloads: 29,146)
.pdf   ME-GATE-09 Answer Key.pdf (Size: 64.73 KB / Downloads: 21,195)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2010.PDF (Size: 317.12 KB / Downloads: 35,073)
.pdf   GATE ME Solved Question Paper 2011-1.PDF (Size: 560.97 KB / Downloads: 38,031)

GATE Mechanical Engineering 2013 paper, solutions and Answer key are available at

Visit GATE Preparation Guide for Question papers, Free books and mock tests

:)thanx a lot for these papers..
(11-01-2011, 10:01 AM)abhilash Wrote: More Papers on GATE ME


Thank you for uploading these

thanks a lot


thanks a lot for dis question papers n wit answers

thanks a lot.

(11-01-2011, 10:01 AM)abhilash Wrote: More Papers on GATE ME

nice job you have done for us thanksssss alotttttttttttt.

thanks a lot...its very helpful

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