GATE 2018 Biotechnology (BT) solved question paper
Download GATE 2018 Biotechnology (BT) question paper and answer key

1. If serum is removed from the growth medium of human embryonic kidney cell line (HEK), then the cells will
(A) proliferate faster
(B) proliferate normally
© undergo cell cycle arrest
(D) undergo immediate apoptosis

2.Which one of the following is an example of a neurotoxin?
(A) Cholera toxin
(B) Streptolysin-O
© Botulinum toxin
(D) Diphtheria toxin

3.Which one of the following is INCORRECT about protein structures?
(A) A protein fold is stabilized by favorable non-covalent interactions
(B) All parts of a fold can be classified as helices, strands or turns
© Two non-covalent atoms cannot be closer than the sum of their van der Waals radii
(D) The peptide bond is nearly planar

4.Which of the following technique(s) can be used to study conformational changes in
P. Mass spectrometry
Q. Fluorescence spectroscopy
R. Circular dichroism spectroscopy
S. Light microscopy
(A) P only (B) P and S only © Q and R only (D) S only

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GATE 2018 Biotechnology (BT) answer key

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