GATE 2018 Mining Engineering (MN) Question Paper with answers
GATE 2018 Mining Engineering (MN) solved Question Paper

1.Exposure of weak roof in junctions of a development district in a coal mine can be
decreased by
(A) increasing dimension of panel barrier
(B) stitching side walls
© increasing support density at junctions
(D) staggering the junctions

2.Ward-Leonard system is provided in the winding system in order to restrict
(A) over-winding of the cage
(B) deceleration of the cage
© acceleration of the cage
(D) over-speeding of the cage

3.From a coal seam of a mine 1000 tonnes of coal is produced per day. The seam has
inflammable gas emission rate of 14000 m 3 per day. Percentage of inflammable gas in
general body of air is 0.14. The gassiness of the seam is
(A) Degree IV (B) Degree III © Degree II (D) Degree I

4.The slope of the line connecting the points (20, 6) and (40, 8) is ______________.

GATE 2018 Mining Engineering (MN) Question Paper ans answer can be had from the link attached

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GATE 2018 Mining Engineering (MN) answer key

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