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GATE BT Previous solved papers

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level entrance examination for admissions to Post Graduation programs like M.Tech, M.Arch, ME, etc. conducted by IISc and seven IITs on behalf of NCB –GATE and MHRD.

The scores of the examination are accepted by more than 900+ institutes across India and is valid for three years post announcement of results.

GATE 2020 BT Exam details and Question Paper Pattern:

The GATE 2020  will be  a 3-hour duration examination which is conducted online. The question paper has 65 questions of 100 marks. The question paper is divided into three sections: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Subject-specific section.

The exam contains two types of questions:

(i)             Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Each MCQ would carry 1 or 2 marks and a choice of four answers are given, out of which the candidate must choose the correct answer. Note that there will be negative marking for a wrongly selected answer.

(ii)Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Each NAT question carry 1 or 2 marks and no choices are given. For these questions, the answer is a signed real number, which needs to be entered by the candidate using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor (keyboard of the computer will be disabled). There is no negative marking for a wrong answer in NAT questions.

The syllabus and a collection of previous year GATE BT Question papers along with answers are provided in PDF Format to help you download so as to give a better understanding about GATE BT examination.

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GATE BT 2020 Syllabus:

  • Section 1: Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra: Matrices and determinants, Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods.

  • Section 2: General Biotechnology

Biochemistry: Biomolecules-structure and functions; Enzymes- classification, Bioenergetics

Microbiology: Viruses- structure and classification; Microbial growth and nutrition; Aerobic and anaerobic respiration; Nitrogen fixation.

Cell Biology: Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure; Cell-Cell communication, Cell signaling and signal transduction.

Molecular Biology and Genetics: Mutations and mutagenesis; Nucleic acid replication, Mendelian inheritance; Gene interaction, Chromosomal variation.

Analytical Techniques: Principles of microscopy-light, electron, fluorescent and confocal; Electrophoresis; Microarray.

Immunology: History of Immunology; Molecular basis of antibody diversity; Synthesis of antibody and secretion; Regulation of immune response; Immune tolerance; Hypersensitivity; Autoimmunity; Graft versus host reaction.

Bioinformatics: Major bioinformatics resources and search tools; Sequence analysis, Data mining and analytical tools for genomic and proteomic studies.

  • Section 3: Recombinant DNA Technology

Restriction and modification enzymes; Vectors; Transposons and gene targeting; DNA labeling; DNA sequencing; Polymerase chain reactions and DNA fingerprinting.

  • Section 4: Plant and Animal Biotechnology

Totipotency; Regeneration of plants; Production of secondary metabolites by plant suspension cultures; Hairy root culture; transgenic plants; Anchorage and non-anchorage dependent cell culture; Kinetics of cell growth.

  • Section 5: Bioprocess Engineering and Process Biotechnology

Rheology of fermentation fluids, Aeration and agitation; Media formulation and optimization; Kinetics of microbial growth, substrate utilization and product formation; Instrumentation control and optimization; Immobilization of biocatalysts for bioconversion processes

Download the detailed syllabus of GATE BT 2019 to know the topics covered for the examination – GATE 2020 Syllabus

GATE BT Previous year solved papers

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