GATE 2018 Chemistry (CY) solved question paper
GATE 2018 Chemistry (CY) question paper and Answer key

1.According to Eyring transition state theory for a bimolecular reaction, the activated
complex has
(A) no vibrational degrees of freedom.
(B) vibrational degrees of freedom but they never participate in product formation.
© one high frequency vibration that leads to product formation.
(D) one low frequency vibration that leads to product formation.

2.The coordination geometries around the copper ion of plastocyanin (a blue-copper protein) in oxidized and reduced form, respectively, are
(A) tetrahedral and square-planar
(B) square-planar and tetrahedral
© distorted tetrahedral for both
(D) ideal tetrahedral for both

3.The O2 coordinated to metal ion centres in oxy-myoglobin and oxy-hemocyanin exists,
respectively, as
(A) superoxide and peroxide
(B) superoxide and superoxide
© peroxide and peroxide
(D) superoxide and oxygen

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GATE 2018 Chemistry (CY) answer key

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