Study materials to increase your English Vocabulary
I am attaching 2 softwares to increase your English Vocabulary

First one is VOCTUTOR voctutor tests your knowledge by giving one word with the multiple meanings, you are required to select the correct meaning.

How to use: Extract the contents to one directory, run the Voctutor application, select a word list from the attached lists. and start practicing

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Next software is Word Power Made Easy.

It gives a word with its meaning from its word bank everytime. You can also search for the meaning of complicated words within the wordbank. This saves a lot of time also.

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Good softwares to improve your language skills

thank you very much for u gave IBPS model and practice papers..



previous year solved paper of steno grade c and d ssc exam 2013 and free study material

Both VocTutor & Word Power made easy are good software, useful and beneficial and in their own ways,..may be helpful as per individual need

Both VocTutor & Word Power made easy are good software, useful and beneficial and in their own ways,..may be helpful as per individual need

Thanks a lot (Y)

Thanks mate.........

thanks a lot sir

While I was studying in inlingua institute New Delhi, I found out a very easy and effective technique by which we can learn new words and improve vocabulary. Here are a few steps which I followed which helped me:

Read newspaper, articles, blogs, magazines etc. on daily basis. Most vocabulary words are learned from context. The more words you're exposed to, the better vocabulary you will have.
Listening will further help you to improve your vocabulary. Listen to the people who are talking in English. Develop a habit of listening to English news and radio broadcasts. The more you will listen the more better idea you will get as to how to use a particular word.
Learn related words. For example: learn words which are related to a particular topic like food or restaurant or a mall. Try to find synonyms for these words and use start using them.
Develop a habit of practicing new words on a daily basis. The more you will practice the sooner you will be able to add the new word in your vocabulary. Record your voice while you practice so that you can find out whether you are pronouncing the word correctly or not. Make a habit of developing sentences using new words.

These are a few tips which I learnt while studying at inlingua, New Delhi which has definitely helped me in improving my vocabulary.

mam can u please send me ibps clerical mock test with solution

This is really fantastic software to improve english vocabulary. I have downloaded it for the improvement of my english vocabulary level.

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