NEET 2021 Question Paper, Answer Key and Solutions

NEET 2021 solutions

Complete question paper, answer key and solutions of NEET Entrance exam 2021 is available in PDF format for free download.

National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted National Medical Entrance- NEET examination on 12th September 2021 for 16 lakh aspirants. The examination was conducted in offline mode in 220 cities in various parts of the country. You can use this paper as the model paper for upcoming NEET examinations.

NEET 2021- Sample Questions and Answers.

1When gene targeting involving gene amplification is attempted in an individual’s tissue to treat disease, it is known as
Gene Therapy
2During the purification process for recombination DNA technology, addition of chilled ethanol precipitates out:
3A typical angiosperm embryo sac at maturity is
8-nucleate and 7-celled
4Which of the following algae produce Carrageen?
Red Algae.
5Genera like Selaginella and Salvinia produce two kinds of spores. Such plants are known as
6Mutations in plant cells can be induced by:
Gamma rays
7Which of the following is a correct sequence of steps in a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) ?
Denaturation, Annealing, Extension
8During the purification process for rocombinant DNA technology, addition of chilled ethanol precipitates out:
9The plant hormone used to destroy weeds in a field is
2, 4-D
10Diadelphous stamens are found in:
11Which of the following are not secondary metabolites in plants?
Amino acids, glucose
12Gemmae are present in
Some liverworts
13The amount of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium present in the soil at any given time, is referred as:
Standing state
14The term used for transfer of pollen grains from anthers of one plant to stigma of a different plant which, during pollination, brings genetically different types of pollen grains to stigma, is:
15DNA strands on a gel stained with ethidium bromide when viewed under UV radiation, appear as:
Bright orange bands
16Which of the following stages of meiosis involves division of centromere?
Anaphase II
17The production of gametes by the parents, formation of zygotes, the F, and F; plants can be understood from a diagram called
Punnott square
18Plants follow different pathways in response to environment or phases of life to form different kinds of structures. This ability is called
19Amensalism can be represented as
Species A ( – ) ; Species B (0)
20In spite of interspecific competition in nature, which mechanism the competing species might have evolved for their survival?
Resource partitioning
21Which of the following algae contains mannitol as reserve food material?
22The site of perception of light in plants during photoperiodism is:
23The first stable product of CO2 Fixation in sorghum is:
Oxaloacetic acid
24DNA fingerprinting involves identifying differences in some specific regions in DNA sequence, called as:
Repetitive DNA
25Now a days it is possible to detect the mutated gene causing cancer by allowing radioactive probe to hybridise its complementary DNA in a clone of cells, followed by its detection using autoradiography because:
mutated gene does not appear on a Photographic film as the probe has no complementarity with it.
26In some members of which of the following pairs of families, pollen grains retain their viability for months after release ?
Rosaccac; Leguminosae
27What is the role of RNA polymerase III in the process of transcription in eukaryotes?
Transcribes tRNA, 5s rRNA and snRNA
28The centriole undergoes duplication during:
29Which of the following RNAs is not required synthesis of protein?
30A specific recognition sequence identified by endonucleases to make cuts at specific positions within the DNA is:
Palindromic Nucleotide sequences
31Chronic auto immune disorder affecting neuromuscular junction leading to fatigue, weakening and paralysis of skeletal muscle is called as:
Myasthenia gravis
32Which one of the following belongs to the family Muscidae?
House Fly
33The organelles that are included in the endomembrane system are
Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi complex, Lysosomes and Vacuoles
34Which one of the following is an example of Hormone releasing IUD?
LNG 20
35Succus ontoricus is referred to as:
Intestinal juice
36Which of the following is not an objective of Biofortification in crops ?
Improve resistance to diseases
37The fruit fly has 8 chromosomes (2n) in each cell. During interphase of Mitosis if the number of chromosomes at G( phase is 8, what would be the number of chromosomes after S phase?
38If Adenine makes 30% of the DNA molecule, what will bo the percentage of Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine in it?
T: 30; G: 20; C : 20
39Which stage of meiotic prophase shows terminalisation of chiasmata as its distinctive feature?Diakinesis
40Dobson units are used to measure thickness of:Ozone
41Sphincter of oddi is present atJunction of hepato-pancreatic duct and duodenum
42In a cross between a male and female, both heterozygous for sickle cell anaemia gene, what percentage of the progeny will be diseased?25%
43Which of the following is not a step in Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET) ?Cow is administered hormone having LH like activity for super ovulation
44Which of the following secretes the hormone, relaxin, during the later phase of pregnancy?Corpus luteum
45Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans?Release of Prolactin
46The structure of beryllium chloride in solid state and vapour phase, are:Chain and dimer, respectively
47Zr (Z = 40) and Hf (Z = 72) have similar atomic and ionic radii because of:lanthanoid contraction
48A particular station of All India Radio, New Delhi, broadcasts on a frequency of 1,368 KHz (kilohertz). The wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the transmitter is: [Speed of light, c = 3×108ms-1]219.3 m
49An organic compound contains 78% (by wt.) carbon and remaining percentage of hydrogen. The right option for the empirical formula of this compound is: [Atomic wt. of C is 12, H is 1]CH3
50Ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA) ion isHexadentate ligand with four “O” and two “N” donor atoms
51Among the following alkaline earth metal halides, one which is covalent and soluble in organic solvents
Beryllium chloride
52The right option for the statement “Tyndall effect is exhibited by” is:Starch solution
53Dihedral angle of least stable conformer of ethane is00

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