Kerala Plus One Maths Notes and Materials

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+1 Maths materials and notes

The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education or the DHSE was established in 1990 and came into effect by 2000-2001. The Government of Kerala recognized the DHSE for the all-round development in Higher Secondary Education by segregating pre-degree courses from University education. In short, it is the regulatory body of higher secondary schools in Kerala. and is responsible for conducting the HSE public examination for plus one and plus two i.e. for class 11 and 12 every year.

Understanding the chapters of +1 and gaining a good percentage for the Examination is of great significance as this syllabus is included and is very crucial for the +2 examination.

Mathematics being considered as one of the most important subject requires a lot of practice, dedication and reference to many study materials.  By referring different sources of study material, the students can get a clear idea of the chapter and also can understand many tricks to solve the sums in an easier effective manner. This knowledge would also help the students in their forthcoming education and entrance examinations like KEAM, NEET, JEE etc.  Students failing to understand the concepts of +1 may face lots of difficulties in +2 and also in their future entrance examinations. So to help students understand each and every topic, we are here to provide study materials like Basics, Lecture Notes, Practice Papers, Reference Material etc. They are shared for all the chapters of +1 / Class XI Mathematics.

Video links for each and every chapter of Mathematics are also provided to give the students a visual understanding on the topics covered.  The detailed solutions for textual questions will also ease your preparations.

Study Material of +1 / Class XI Mathematics:

The Pdf format of the study materials can be downloaded for free from the links provided below:

Chapter No. Chapter Name
1 Sets
2 Relations And Functions
3 Trigonometric Functions
4 Principle Of Mathematical Induction
5 Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations
6 Linear Inequalities
7 Permutations And Combinations
8 Binomial Theorem
9 Sequences And Series
10 Straight Lines
11 Conic Sections
12 Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry
13 Limits And Derivatives
14 Mathematical Reasoning
15 Statistics

Important Questions of all chapters of Mathematics can be downloaded for free from the link given below:



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