SSLC Biology Notes and Questions- Malayalam Medium
Study notes and sample questions for Kerala Class 10 biology examination (Malayalam Medium), materials prepared by subject experts which help you to secure a better grade… sample questions are available for you to get enough practice for time management and to know the pattern and difficulty of the question papers.
All papers are available in pdf format for free download

See the complete SSLC materials for all subjects at Kerala SSLC Sureshot A+ Materials for All Subjects

Attached Files
.pdf   1 Nirakathir SSLC revision Materials -BIOLOGY.pdf (Size: 1.51 MB / Downloads: 473)
.pdf   2 Biology Notes - All Chapters (MM).pdf (Size: 612.57 KB / Downloads: 276)
.pdf   3Biology Notes (MM) by Orukkam.pdf (Size: 612.58 KB / Downloads: 102)
.pdf   4 Biology Capsule Notes (MM) by Ratheesh Sir.pdf (Size: 243.37 KB / Downloads: 122)
.pdf   5 Biology Complete Notes (MM) by Rasheed Sir.pdf (Size: 1.4 MB / Downloads: 139)
Kerala Class 10 Biology Question Pool and Worksheets can be had from the link

Attached Files
.pdf   6 Biology Question Pool- All Chapters (MM).pdf (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 174)
.pdf   Keral Class 10 Biology Instant Notes (MM) by Minhad Sir.pdf (Size: 5.17 MB / Downloads: 73)
.pdf   Chapter 2 Biology Question Pool (MM) by Rathessh Sir.pdf (Size: 1,018.82 KB / Downloads: 53)
.pdf   Chapter 3 Biology Question Pool (MM) by Rathessh Sir.pdf (Size: 1.29 MB / Downloads: 55)
.pdf   Chapter 4 Biology Worksheets (MM) by Ratheesh Sir.pdf (Size: 193.08 KB / Downloads: 84)
Kerala SSLC Biology Revision Questions (Malayalam Medium)

Kerala Class 10 Biology Model Exam Question Paper

Attached Files
.pdf   Biology Revision Exam Set 1-MM.pdf (Size: 355.03 KB / Downloads: 125)
.pdf   Biology Revision Exam Set 2-MM.pdf (Size: 543.04 KB / Downloads: 58)
.pdf   Biology Revision Exam Set 3-MM.pdf (Size: 408.7 KB / Downloads: 52)
.pdf   SSLC Mukulam Model Exam Biology Question Paper 2018- MM.pdf (Size: 319.52 KB / Downloads: 74)
Kerala SSLC Biology Model Exam Question Paper

Attached Files
.pdf   Biology Model Question Paper (MM) 2018 by Sirajudeen Sir.pdf (Size: 331.02 KB / Downloads: 87)
.pdf   Biology Model Question Paper Answer Key (MM) 2018 by Sirajudeen Sir.pdf (Size: 195.73 KB / Downloads: 70)

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