GATE 2018 Physics (PH) Question Paper and answer
GATE 2018 Physics (PH) solved Question Paper

1.The number of independent components of a general electromagnetic field tensor is

2.An interstellar object has speed 𝑣 at the point of its shortest distance R from a star of much larger mass M. Given 𝑣2 = 2 GM/R, the trajectory of the object is
(A) circle (B) ellipse © parabola (D) hyperbola

3.An air-conditioner maintains the room temperature at 27 o C while the outside temperature is 47 o C. The heat conducted through the walls of the room from outside to inside due to temperature difference is 7000 W. The minimum work done by the compressor of the air-conditioner per unit time is ________ W.

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GATE 2018 Physics (PH) answer key

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