GATE 2018 Petroleum Engineering (PE) Question Paper with answers
GATE 2018 Petroleum Engineering (PE) solved Question Paper

1.Waste water from oil industry consists of oil in free and emulsified forms. The oil in the
free form can be recovered by:
(A) Aerated lagoons
(B) Trickling filters
© Gravity separators
(D) Biological oxygen pond

2.Which one of the following phenomena encountered during flooding is desirable for
increasing oil recovery from a reservoir?
(A) Viscous fingering (B) Formation damage
© Increase in mobility ratio (D) Decrease in capillary pressure

3.Which one of these methods is NOT commonly used to deal with the problem of soil
contamination by oil spillage?
(A) Biodegradation
(B) Leaching out the oil
© Soil recycling
(D) Using rain water to wash the contaminants

4.Assume that viscous, gravity, and capillary are the only dominant forces for fluid flow in a given reservoir, a cone formed around the perforation zone will break into the well, when
(A) capillary forces are more than viscous and gravity forces.
(B) viscous forces are more than gravity forces.
© gravity forces are more than capillary forces.
(D) viscous and gravity forces are equal.

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