CBSE STD 10 Pre Board Exam 2023- Model Question Papers

class 10 cbse pre-board question papers

The CBSE has not yet released the final schedule for the STD 1Several schools are conducting pre-board examinations for their students to evaluate their readiness for the final exam. You can download model question papers based on previous year pre model question papers from this page to asses your preparations for the same.

Pre-board exams serve as a testing ground for students preparing for the final board exam; nevertheless, Pre final exams conducted by schools may not necessarily adhere to the CBSE’s recommended structure. Therefore, starting with the academic year 2022–23, CBSE will hold a national pre-board test in January 2022 using pen and paper. After the test, the papers will be reviewed by teachers from the CBSE, and the results will include the rankings. The pupils will benefit from a realistic board exam simulation from this examination.

CBSE 10th Board Exam Previous 10 Year Question Papers and Keys

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2022- Solved Question Papers

CBSE Board Exam 2023- Model Question Papers for all subjects

CBSE 10th Pre-Board Exam FAQ

  1. Does failing the pre-board exam exclude a student from sitting for the board exam?
    Students can gauge how well-prepared they are for the board exam by taking pre-boards. If a student is otherwise qualified, they cannot be prevented from taking the board exam.
  2. If the pre-board examination scores will be taken into account for the board exams marks ?
    No, the pre-board examination scores are not added to or taken into account for calculating board exam scores.

10th Pre-Board exam Sample papers

The most important thing to bear in mind when preparing for pre-board or board exams is that sample papers must be practised in order to get an understanding of the test format that will be used by boards for CBSE pre-boards or CBSE boards. You can download sets of model question papers for the upcoming pre-board examinations January 2023.

No. Model Papers Download Link
1English Language & Literature Pre-Board Model Papers
2English (Standard) Pre-Board Model Papers
3Hindi A Pre-Board Model Papers
4Hindi B Pre-Board Model Papers
5Maths (Standard) Pre-Board Model Papers
6Maths (Basic) Pre-Board Model Papers
7Science Pre-Board Model Papers
8Social Science Pre-Board Model Papers
9French Pre-Board Model Papers
10Malayalam Pre-Board Model Papers

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