Syllabus, Chapters and Portions to Study for Kerala Second Term Exam STD 1-12

christmas exam chapters to study

How much to study for Christmas exam ? What should I study for the exam? What chapters will be included in the Second Term exam? Tell me how many chapters there will be in the Xmas exam ? These are some typical questions we receive before the beginning of the Christmas examination. We are trying to answer to these queries on this page.

New: Second Term Model Question Papers for classes 1 to 12

Second Term Timetable 2023

Kerala School Second Term Christmas examination is scheduled to begin on the second week of December 2022. Detailed timetable can be downloaded from this page by November last week.

Chapters to study for Christmas exam, 2023

You might be concerned about the chapters and portions you need to know for the Christmas exam. On this page, you can find detailed information regarding the number of chapters and portions that need to be studied for the exam.

Scheme of Work for All Subjects

You need to refer the Govt. prescribed scheme of work to find out the number of chapters and portions to be completed before Christmas. A scheme of work’s primary purpose is to assist teachers and students in proactively planning and sequencing their lessons. By doing so, they can assure that the National Curriculum objectives are met and that all course material is taught before the Christmas examination

Download the detailed information about the Second Term exam portions. To find out which chapters should be studied in advance of the test, download the following PDF file

For detailed information about all the subjects needs to be studied in the official document, you can refer to the page below.

Kerala Syllabus Scheme of Work- What to study for First and Second Term Exams ?

Second Term Exam previous year question papers

Download previous year question papers of Christmas examination for all classes (STD 1 to 12) from the links given below. You can download English and Malayalam medium question papers in PDF format for preparing for the upcoming examination.

Second Terminal exam previous question papers and answer keys (STD 1 to 12)

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