Last 12 Year Question Papers and Keys of GATE XL

GATE Life Sciences (XL-P, Q, R, S, T, U)- Previous Years Question papers with Solutions

GATE XL Previous papers and keys

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national level entrance examination conducted for students seeking admissions to Post Graduation programs like M. Tech, M. Arch, ME, PH.D. etc. It is an examination held by IISc and seven IITs on behalf of NCB –GATE, MHRD, Government of India. The examination was held in the month of Feb across many cities of India. The scores of the examination are accepted by more than 900+ institutes across India and is valid for three years post announcement of results.

Know more about GATE XL Exam:

  • This examination is conducted Online and is a duration of 3-hours.
  • The Question Paper has a total of 65 Questions totalling to 100 marks.
  • The question paper is divided into three sections: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Subject-specific section.
  • The exam contains two types of questions – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions.

Each MCQ would carry 1 or 2 marks and a choice of four answers are given, out of which the candidate must choose the correct answer. But be aware that there will be negative marking for a wrongly selected answer. For NAT questions, no choices are given. For these questions, the answer is a signed real number, which needs to be entered by the candidate using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor The advantage here is that there is no negative marking for a wrong answer in NAT questions.

Download the detailed syllabus and a collection of previous years GATE XL Question papers to score better for the GATE Life Sciences examination. Reference to the earlier Question Papers helps in reducing mistakes resulting in reducing negative marking and scoring better.

GATE 2020 XL Syllabus:

  1. XL-P (Compulsory for all XL candidates) Chemistry
  • Section 1: Atomic Structure and Periodicity
  • Section 2: Structure and Bonding
  • Section 3: s, p and d Block Elements
  • Section 4: Chemical Equilibria
  • Section 5: Electrochemistry
  • Section 6: Reaction Kinetics
  • Section 7: Thermodynamics
  • Section 8: Structure-Reactivity Correlations and Organic Reaction Mechanisms

2. XL-Q Biochemistry

  • Organization of life
  • Enzyme kinetics
  • Biochemical separation techniques
  • Cell structure and organelles
  • DNA replication, transcription and translation
  • Immune system: Active and passive immunity

3. XL-R Botany

  • Section 1: Plant Systematics
  • Section 2: Plant Anatomy:
  • Section 3: Morphogenesis & Development
  • Section 4: Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Section 5: Genetics
  • Section 6: Plant Breeding and Genetic Modification
  • Section 7: Economic Botany
  • Section 8: Plant Pathology
  • Section 9: Ecology and Environment

4. XL – S Microbiology

  • Section 1: Historical Perspective
  • Section 2: Methods in Microbiology
  • Section 3: Microbial Taxonomy and Diversity
  • Section 4: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells: Structure and Function
  • Section 5: Microbial Growth
  • Section 6: Control of Micro-organisms
  • Section 7: Microbial Metabolism
  • Section 8: Microbial Diseases and Host Pathogen Interaction
  • Section 9: Chemotherapy/Antibiotics
  • Section 10: Microbial Genetics
  • Section 11: Microbial Ecology

5. XL – T Zoology

  • Section 1: Animal world
  • Section 2: Evolution
  • Section 3: Genetics
  • Section 4: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Section 5: Cell Biology
  • Section 6: Gene expression in Eukaryotes
  • Section 7: Animal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Section 8: Parasitology and Immunology
  • Section 9: Development Biology
  • Section 10: Ecology
  • Section 11: Animal Behaviour

6. XL – U Food Technology

  • Section 1: Food Chemistry and Nutrition
  • Section 2: Food Microbiology
  • Section 3: Food Products Technology
  • Section 4: Food Engineering

The complete syllabus for GATE 2020 can downloaded in pdf format from GATE XL Syllabus 2020

GATE XL Past 12 Year Question Papers

Question papers and answer keys of GATE XL Exam from the year 2007 can be had from the following links

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4 2016 Download
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