Free online video classes for CBSE Class X Maths

maths live video classes

Watch free online video classes for all chapters of NCERT CBSE Maths for all chapters. Classes took by Smt. Radhika Polina, our maths expert, who have been teaching maths in std 10 for years now. The classes are taken in English Medium and will help you in the preparation for the 10th Board Examinations. As the teacher covers the basic concepts in detail, it will improve your exam performance considerably.

All the basic concepts and formulae explained in detail and textbook problems are solved with comprehensive vindication. The complete steps for deriving the solutions are addressed in exhaustive steps. The additional details and in depth explanations will help you to get better grades in your NCERT Std X Board examinations. click the links below to Watch the video classes for each topics in Maths chapters.

NoMaths Video Classes links
1Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables.
2Arithmetic Progression
4Coordinate Geometry
5Introduction to Trigonometry
6Some applications of trigonometry

All of you are requested make maximum use of these online live video classes and take maximum benefit in your upcoming board examinations.


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