Focus Area Notes, Materials and Questions for All Subjects- Kerala SSLC Exam 2021

Notes and quesitons from focus area

Kerala Government has notified certain chapters from each subject as focus area topics. These areas need more attention in the preparations. SCERT suggested these areas because the COVID-19 pandemic had restricted the normal classroom sessions in this academic year and all the classroom interactions was done in online mode. The online modes could not substitute the normal classroom sessions and most of the students found it difficult to cope up with the current sessions. So the Government envisaged for pattern changes in the SSLC examination 2020 by introducing more options in the question paper and suggesting Focus Areas for the preparation.

Latest Pattern Model question papers for 2021 Exam
Focus Area Based Notes and Materials for All Subjects
SSLC Model Exam 2021- Question Papers and Answer Keys

Question Paper Structure for SSLC Exam 2020-21

SCERT has published the latest structure of question papers for SSLC exam March 2021. As the students are facing the examination in this particular COVID-19 period, government has proposed certain structural changes in the examination. The following points to be noted regarding the upcoming SSLC examination structure.

model question paper structure for SSLC exam Kerala

Question Pattern for SSLC 2021 with Focus Areas

Education Department yet to finalize the question pattern for SSLC exam 2021. As per the details available now, all questions will have options. So for 40 mark examination, you will be provided with questions for 80 marks, from that 75% of questions will be taken from Focus Areas. i.e., 60 mark questions will come from focus areas. Students will get the option to answer all the questions. If you get more than 40 marks, it will be considered as 40/40 i.e., 100%.

Same pattern applicable to subjects with 80 marks also. Together with the options, a total of 160 mark questions will be asked, out of which 120 mark questions will be taken from the focus areas.

This means by concentrating on the focus areas, you can secure 100% marks in the upcoming SSLC examinations.

Chapters and Topics notified as Focus Area for All subjects

To get the chapters and topics notified as Focus Areas for all subject in English and Malayalam Medium visit Kerala SSLC Exam 2021 March- Focus Areas for All Subjects MM&EM

Focus Area Study Materials, Notes and Questions for SSLC Exam 2021

New: Latest Pattern Model question papers for 2021 Exam

We have compiled a good amount of study materials for all subjects based on focus area topics. These materials will be updated and new materials are added in a daily basis. So visit this page regularly to get new materials and to improve your preparation. Check the link for each subject to get materials in English and Malayalam medium

1Malayalam I
2Malayalam II
9Social Science

FOCUS AREA Support Materials by DIETS

Many District institutes of Education and Training (DIET) are bringing out support materials to assist SSLC exam preparations. You can download the materials collections from the links below in a new tab)

Model Question Papers for 2021 exam

Several educational bodies like DIET’s are providing model question papers in new pattern for the upcoming SSLC examination. Please go through the following links to download the model/ sample/ revision test papers

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