CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Exam 2021- SST Solved Paper

sst term1 solved paper

Question paper, answer key and solutions of CBSE class 10 Social Sciences can be downloaded in PDF format from the links given below.

As per the press release by CBSE on 30/11/2021 the SST exam was attended by more than 21 lakh candidates and the question paper was a balanced one. The question paper contained only multiple choice questions, and answers are marked in OMR form.

CBSE Term 1 Social Science Exam 30/11/2021 Question Paper and Key

1. Industrialization began in which one of the following European countries in the second half of the eighteenth century?
(a) Germany
(b) France
(c) Italy
d) England
Ans: (d)

2. Who among the following remarked “When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold”?
(a) Lord Byron
(b) Metternich 
(c) Johann Herder
(d) Napoleon
Ans: (b)

3. Identify the soil which ranges from red to brown in colour and saline in nature: 
(a) Red soil
(b) Laterite soil 
(c) Arid soil
(d) Alluvial soil
Ans: (c)

3. Who among the following was proclaimed King of united Italy in 1861? 
(a) Charles 1
(b) Victor Emmanuel II 
(c) Giuseppe Garibaldi
(d) Nero 
Ans: (b)

4. Identify the correct feature of Unitary form of government from the following options: 
(a) There are two or more levels of government. 
(b) Different tiers of government govern the same citizens. 
(c) Each tier of government has its own jurisdiction. 
(d) The sub-units are subordinate to the central government.
Ans: (d)

5. At the initial stages of development, which one of the following sectors was the most important of economic activity? 
(a) Primary 
(b) Secondary 
(c) Tertiary 
(d) Quaternary 
Ans: (a)

6. Which one of the following Italian states was ruled by an Italian princely house? 
(a) Papal State
(b) Lombardy 
(c) Venetia
(d) Sardinia-Piedmont
Ans:  d

7. Which one of the following is the main result of increasing irrigation facilities in the field of agriculture ?

(a) Increase in production
(b) Increase in productivity
(c) Change in cropping pattern
(d) Promote high yielding of crops
Ans:  a

8. On the outline political map of India (on page 24) ‘A’ is marked as a Dam. Identify it!
from the following options:
(a) Tehri
(b) Sardar Sarovar 
(c) Hirakud
(d) Nagarjuna Sagar
Ans:  c

9. Which one of the following sectors shows the highest share in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India ?
(a) Primary
(b) Secondary
(c) Tertiary
(d) Quaternary
Ans:  c

10. Identify ‘Horizontal power sharing’ arrangements among the following in modern democracies: 
(a) Different organs of government 
(b) Governments at different levels 
(c) Different social groups 
(d) Different parties, pressure groups and movements
Ans:  a

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