CBSE Class 10 First Term Exam 2021- English Solved Paper

cbse 10th term 1 exam 2021 english paper and key

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Update: As the reading passage given in question paper set JSK 1 attracted criticism because it contained references promoting “gender stereotyping” and supporting “regressive notions”, CBSE had withdrawn the questions and its been decided to award full marks to the students for this passage. “To ensure uniformity and parity, full marks will be awarded to students for passage no 1 for all sets of the question paper Class x English Language and Literature,” the board said in a statement.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE & LITERATURE Question Paper and Answer keys

Series: JSK/2
Question Paper Code: 002/2/4

Set: 4

NoQuestion and Answer Key
1I don’t see why you _____________ borrow his cycle. You have one of your own.
(a) should
(b) could
(c) may
(d) might
Ans: a
2My family_________________in Chennai for five years now.
(a) has lived
(b) has been living
(c) had lived
(d) lived
Ans: b
3___________ the letter arrive in your absence. would you like me to forward the letter to you?
(a) If
(b) Could
(c) Should
(d) Might
Ans: a
4If he came late he_________be punished.
(a) will
(c) should
(d) would
Ans: d
5By the time we reach the school the bell _________
(a) will be ringing
(b) will have rung
(c) would have been ringing
(d) would have rung
Ans: b
6Three months ago I______________________a student of this school
(a) was
(b) had been
(c) have been
(d) could be
Ans: a
7Find the suitable word from the extract to complete the following
sanctioned : approved :: demanded :______________
(a) fell
(b) reached
(c) went
(d) asked
Ans: d
8A tiger in the zoo ignoring visitors’ is an example of
(a) Metaphor
(b) Simile
(c) Irony
(d) Personification
Ans: d
9The phrase ‘slip into’ means the same as :
(a) fall into
(b) enter quietly
(c) enter boldly
(d) move out
Ans: b
10Griffin became a homeless wanderer because he :
(a) was an eccentric scientist.
(b) was very greedy.
(c) had to go without clothes.
(d) had set fire to his landlord’s house
Ans: d

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CBSE 10th First Term English Question Paper & Key 2021

English Solutions for English Exam 11.12.2021

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