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XII Board Examination plays a vital role in a student’s life and scoring a good percentage is very important. English, being one of the more interesting subject, can assure you good marks if you have prepared well for the examination. Most of the topics of English are based on understanding the concepts and therefore, to help you ace your examination and receive clarity towards all the concepts, various study materials for CBSE Class 12 English has been provided in our website. Detailed explanation of the Poems and Prose are provided for enhancing your knowledge. This would also benefit students in their forthcoming education and future entrance examinations.

With a vast collection of different study materials like Revision Notes, Study Notes, Practice Papers, Reference Notes, etc., the students can understand the important aspects of this subject and test their knowledge before the examination. The reference material is provided for all the chapters of CBSE Class XII English in the links below.

Video links for each and every chapter of Class XII English are also provided to give the students a visual understanding on the topics covered as per the syllabus.

The Pdf format of the study materials can be downloaded for free from the links provided below.

In short, this is a one-stop platform for complete study material for Class XII English.

Study Materials and notes for CBSE Plus Two English

Study Material of CBSE Class XII English can be downloaded from the links given below. Materials, Notes, Video classes, important questions for Board Exam can be downloaded from below


Chap No. Type & Unit Chapter Name Download Link
1 Poem/ Flamingo My Mother at Sixty – Six Download
2 Poem/ Flamingo An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Download
3 Poem/ Flamingo Download
4 Poem/ Flamingo Download
5 Poem/ Flamingo Download
6 Poem/ Flamingo Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Download
7 rose/ Flamingo The Last Lesson Download
8 Prose/ Flamingo Lost Spring Download
9 Prose/ Flamingo Deep Water Download
10 Prose/ Flamingo The Rattrap Download
11 Prose/ Flamingo Indigo Download
12 Prose/Flamingo Going Places Download
13 Vistas The Third Level Download
14 Vistas The Tiger King Download
15 Vistas Journey to the end of the Earth Download
16 Vistas The Enemy Pearl Download
17 Vistas Should Wizard hit Mommy Download
18 Vistas On the face of It Download
19 Vistas Evans tries an O-Level Download
20 Vistas Memories of Childhood Download



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