RBI Assistant Question Paper 2016 with Answer Key

Solved Previous Year Question Paper of RBI Assistant Preliminary Exam 2016

RBI Assistant Question paper 2016

All RBI Assistant aspirants can download the latest  RBI Assistant Question paper 2016 of the preliminary examination. You can get a complete analysis of the question paper and related information from this article and you can also download the question paper and key in PDF format for free…  For more details about the vacancy of RBI Assistant visit RBI Careers Page

The RBI Assistant Prelims exam was held on December 23 & 24, 2016

Analysis of the RBI Assistant Question paper 2016 – Preliminary session

1. Numerical Ability 

Total Number of Questions- 35
 Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

Topic Questions
Number Series  5 Questions
Data Interpretation  5 Questions
Simplification / Approximation  10 Questions
Miscellaneous 15 questions

2  English Language

Total Number of Questions- 30
 Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

Topic Questions
Reading Comprehension  8 Questions
Cloze test  7 Questions
Spotting Errors (including Sentence Improvement and Spelling Errors)  10 Question
Para Jumbles 5 Questions

3.  Reasoning Ability

Total Number of Questions- 35
 Difficulty Level – Easy to Moderate

Topic Questions
Seating Arrangement and Puzzles  15 Questions
Syllogism  5 Questions
Inequality  5 Questions
Alphanumeric Series 5 Questions
Miscellaneous 5 Questions

Category wise cut-off Analysis of RBI Assistant Preliminary Exam 2016

RBI Assistant Exam 2016 cut off

Question Excerpts from RBI Assistant Question paper 2016- Preliminary Session

English Language Question Samples

(Directions) In this question, four words are given in bold. One of these words given in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word that is inappropriate or wrongly spelt, if any. That word is your answer. If all the words given in bold are correctly spelt or appropriate in the context of the sentence, mark ‘All correct’ as your answer.

1. The regeon has been in a state of perpetual conflict for the last two decades.

1) regeon 2) state 3) perpetual 4) decades 5) All correct

2. Electricity is the most important input for any sector as the lives of every individual depends on it.

1) Electricity 2) important 3) lives 4) individual 5) All correct

3.  Ramesh were gifted a watch by his father on having got his first job.

1) were 2) gifted 3.) having 4) first 5) All correct

4. Due to surplus stock, vegetables are being soled in the market at very low prices.

1) surplus 2) vegetables 3) soled 4) market 5) All correct

5. Any further sharp raise in rates will bring emerging market yield under pressure.

1) further 2) raise 3) emerging 4) pressure 5) All correct

Numerical Ability Question Samples

1. The total price of 6 shirts and 5 trousers is Rs. 3880 and the total price of 3 shirts and 2 trousers is  Rs. 1750. What is the total price of 3 trousers?

1) Rs. 1320 20 Rs. 1080 3) Rs. 1110 4)  Rs. 1140 5) Rs. 1260

2. The present age of B is more than twice A’s present age by 4 years. The ratio of A’s age 6 years hence to B’s age 2 years hence will be 4 : 7. What is C’s present age if C is 2 years older than B? (in years)

1) 42 2) 20 3) 36 4) 40 5) 32

3. A retailer bought a luxury pen after getting a discount of 30% on the marked price. He sold the luxury pen to a customer for  Rs. 4536 and earned a profit of 20% on his cost price. What was the initial marked price of the luxury pen?

1) Rs. 6200 2) Rs. 5800 3) Rs. 5600 4) Rs. 5400 5) Other than those given as options

4. The sum of the diameter and the circumference of circle A is 174m. If the radius of circle B is 7m less than the radius of circle A then what is the circumference of circle B? (in m)

1)88 2)132  3)110 4)96  5)66

5. The population of Village A is 20% more than the population of Village B. The population of Village C is 40% more than the population of Village A. If the difference between the population of Village B and that of C is 1122, then what is the population of Village A?

1)2100 2)1660 3)1980 4)1960 5)1920

Reasoning Ability Question Samples

Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: W is mother of both M and L. L is married to D. D is sister-in-law of M. M is married to P. J is father of L. M is brother-in Law of K.

1. How is M related to J?

1)  Son 2) Father-in-law 3) Daughter-in-law 4) Son-in-law 5) Daughter

2. How is D related to W?
1 ) Can’t be determined 2) Son-in-law 3) Daughter 4) Daughter-in-law 5) Son

3. If K is son of X, then how is L related to P?
1) Sister 2) Sister-in-law 3) Mother 4) Brother-in-law 5) Aunt

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RBI Assistant Prelims Previous Question paper 2016 PDF


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