Plus One Focus Area Notes- Important Study Materials for 2021 Exam

SCERT has prioritised some portions for the upcoming Higher Secondary Plus One examination, because Covid-19 restrictions hindered the normal classroom sessions. You can download notes and study materials for the selected focus area portions and which will definitely help your exam preparations. Important area notes are avaiable for all major subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Accountancy, Business studies, English etc.

Focus area Topics for HSE +1 Exam 2021

The curriculum committee has selected some portions as focus areas as several working days have been lost due to the pandemic and the online modes of teaching has its own limitations. This does not mean that the other portions are completely omitted, and some questions are expected from that portions also. But the latest scheme provides the students with questions for double the score and they have the option to choose from the given options. So concentrating your studies on the focus area part will help you to fetch full A+ for all the subjects because the focus area is expected to contribute 70% of the total questions. 

+1 Focus area topics for all subjects

Focus area Notes and study materials 

We are compiling notes and study materials prepared by eminent subject experts for all streams and subjects. These notes and materials will help you to get a better understanding of the selected focus areas. These are specially designed to compensate the loss of study periods and takes care of the prescribed learning outcomes expected after completing the first year of HSE course. You can download the materials for each subject from the links given below.

No.+1 Focus area notes- Subject
8Computer Science
11Business Studies
14Political Science

These sections are constantly updated, so do regularly visit these pages for more updated notes and materials.

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