IITB-Monash Phd admissions 2018

IITB-Monash Phd Scholarship 2018

The IITB-Monash Research Academy (The Academy) a partnership between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (I ITB) and Monash University, Melbourne (Australia), jointly invites applications for PhD program in interdisciplinary research in all branches of science, technology, computer science, IT, engineering, humanities and social sciences, design and mathematics.

Research projects details can be had from here

Eligibility for IITB- Monash Phd:

A first class Masters degree from a reputed university, or -a Bachelors Degree in Eng/Science (with high GPA),
and a burning desire to make a difference to the world, you should take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire an internationally recognised qualification and pursue an exciting career in research.

Although not a prerequisite, candidates who have been highly placed in GATE, GRE, CSIR-NET, JAM or any other competitive exam and who have industry experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

Scholarships for IITB- Monash Phd:

Students in the joint IITB-Monash PhD program will benefit from the following funding arrangements:

Rs 372,000 per annum scholarship for the first two years
Rs 420,000 per annum after first two years
A grant of up to A$25,850 per annum in Australia

A minimum of one year in Australia working with your Monash University co-supervisor (some projects may require you to be in Australia for a longer period of time or undertake more than one trip),Waiver of international student tuition fees at Monash University.

NOTE: The above represent a typical scholarship. The actual scholarships that will be provided to a specific student will depend on their qualifications, grades and performance.

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Closing date:11 March 2018

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