Plus One Model Exam 2021 Question Papers and Answer Keys- Chemistry
Download Plus One Model exam question papers and answer keys of Chemistry examination held on 01.09.2021.

Some Sample questions from the paper

1. State Hund’s rule of maximum multiplicity
2. Real gases do not follow gas laws perfectly under all conditions. Why ?
3. State the first law of thermodynamics
4. Explain the principle involved in the following methods of purification
      (a) Distillation
      (b) Crystallisation
5. What is greenhouse effect ?
          Give any two applications of Green chemistry in day-to-day life.
6. What are silicones ? Mention its one application
7. Using molecular diagram explain the paramagnetic nature of oxygen molecule.
8. When CO2 is passed through lime water, it turns milky. ON passing excess of CO2,
the milky colour disappears. Give the chemical reaction involved in these process.
9. Atomic orbitals are precisely distinguished by quantum numbers.
(i) Explain two types of quantum numbers used to designate atomic orbitals.
(ii) Write ‘n’ and ‘l’ values of 2p and 4s orbitals.
10. (i) Write the name of any two electron rich hydrides.
(ii) Explain with suitable chemical equation, why hydrogen peroxide is stored in wax lined glass or plastic vessel in dark.

For complete question paper and answer key visit the links below. Answer key is provided by ANIL KUMAR K L, GHSS ASHTAMUDI

.pdf   Plus One Model exam 2021 Question Paper 2021- Chemistry.pdf (Size: 640.48 KB / Downloads: 14,047)

.pdf   Plus One Model exam 2021 2021- Chemistry- ANSWER KEY.pdf (Size: 855.99 KB / Downloads: 16,293)

Thank you

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