SBI Clerk Prelim Exam Question Paper 2019 with answer Key
SBI Junior Associates (Clerk) Prelim Exam held on 22.06.2019 Question Paper and Answer Key are attached...Download from the link.

SBI Junior Associates (Clerk) Prelim Exam includes:
English Language
Numerical Ability
Reasoning Ability

Some sample questions are:

  • Out of his monthly salary,Ram invests 10% in mutual funds. Out of the remaining,he spends towards groceries and house-rent in the respective ratio of 2 : 3 and saves nothing. If his house-rent was Rs. 21600. what was his monthly salary? (In Rs.)
(1)54000    (2)42000 (3)48000    (4)36000 (5)40000
  • Directions : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below :
Eight people are sitting around a circular table facing the centre. Only one person sits be- tween P and Q (either from left or right). R sits third to the right of Q. Only three people sit between R and S. T sits second to the left of S. Only three people sit between T and U. V sits second to the right of W. W is not an immediate neighbour of T.

    As per the given arrangement, what is the position of S with respect to U ?
(1)    Third to the right
(2)    Third to the left
(3)    Immediate left
(4)    Immediate right
(5)    Second to the left

    As per the given arrangement, as many people sit between Q and W when counted from the right of Q as between V and when counted from the left of V.
(1)T    (2)S (3) W    (4) P (5)U

For details visit the link attached

Attached Files
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.pdf   SBI Junior Associates (Clerk) Prelim Exam Answer Key 2019.pdf (Size: 66.66 KB / Downloads: 535)

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