SBI PO Preliminary Exam Question Paper with answer key 2019
SBI PO Preliminary Exam Question Paper conducted on 09.06.2019 with answer key is attached.

The section includes:

English Language
Quantitative Aptitude

Some examples from the question paper are:

•    Directions (1-4) : Which of the phrases given against the sentenes should replace the word/  phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically  correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given, and no correction is required, select 'No correction required' as the answer.

1.    The accident occurs where group was coming down the mountain.
(1)    occurred while the
(2)    happen when n
(3)    did come upon the
(4)    fell by when a
(5)    No correction required
2.    The official statement from the government stating of spread of the deadly virus had been controlled.
(1)    states those
(2)    No correction required
(3)    stating
(4)    has state
(5)    stated that the

3.    The group could not present their paper as the laptop, where all the data had been stored, malfunctioned just before the session began.
(1)    stored
(2)    No correction required
(3)    in stores
(4)    in store
(5)    will storing

4.    Exposure to sunlight is important synthesis to essential
vitamins in the body,
(1)    to supplying
(2)    synthesizer to
(3)    No correction required

•    A started a business with an investment of Rs. 4000, Four months from the start of the business. B joined with Rs 4800 and two months after B s joining, C joined with Rs. x. If out of the total annual profit of Rs. 10,400, Cs share was Rs.  3200, what was the value of x.

(1) Rs. 7200 (2)Rs. 8000 (3) Rs. 4800 (4) Rs. 6400 (5) Rs. 5600

•    What will come in place of question mark (?) in the following series based on the English alphabetical order and numbers?
YC-12 VF-16 SI-21 PL-27
(?) JR-42
(1) MN-34    (2) OR-33
(3) MO-32    (4) NP-32
(6) MO-34

Detailed Question Paper can be had from the link attached

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