XAT 2014 Question Paper
XAT examination was conducted in the month of Jan. The XAT 2014 Question Paper is given in the link below. 

Few Sample Questions from the Paper is shown here:

1. Not just the absence of --------, but also the presence of -------- and honesty is required to bind up the nation's wound.

A. retribution, camaraderie
B. guilt, religion
C. crime, religion
D. love, austerity
E. recrimination, insight

2. Ontologies are ------- equated with taxonomic hierarchies of classes, class definitions and -------------subsumption relation, ontologies need not be limited to
----------------- forms.
A. often, a, but, such
B. often, the, yet, such
C. frequently, a, yet, such
D. often, a, yet, these
E. often, the, but, these

Download the PDF Format of the XAT 2014 Question Paper from the link shared below.

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