XAT 2015 Question Paper
XAT 2015 Question Paper is given in the link below.

XAT examination was conducted in the month of Jan.

Refer to a Sample Question from the Paper:

1. Read the four sentences given below:
i. He is the most_______of the speakers to address us today.
ii. The belief in____justice is the essence of his talk.
iii. This hall would have been full but for the__rain.
iv. Many in the audience have achieved____in their respective fields.

Which of the following sequence of words would most appropriately fit the blanks?
A. i. Eminent, ii. Imminent, iii. Immanent, iv. Eminence
B. i. Immanent, ii. Imminent, iii. Imminence, iv. Eminence
C. i. Eminent, ii. Immanent, iii. Imminent, iv. Eminence
D. i. Eminent, ii. Immanent, iii. Imminent, iv. Imminence
E. i. Immanent, ii. Imminence, iii. Eminent, iv. Eminence

Download the complete Question Paper from the link shared below.

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