XAT 2017 Question Paper
XAT 2017 Question Paper is given in the link below.

XAT examination was conducted in the month of Jan'18.

Some of the Sample Questions from the Paper are:

1. A. This is Russia's Wild Weal, though the mountains lie la the south of Moscow and SL Petersburg. 
    B. The Caucasus range has throughout history held Russians, especially fierce nationalists like Solzhenitsyn in fear and awe. 
    C. Hera, between the Black and Caspian seas, is a land bridge where Europe gradually vanishes amid a six-hundred-mile chain of mountains as high as eighteen thousand feet - mesmerizing in their spangled beauty, especially after the yawning and flat mileage of the steppe lands to the north.
    D. Here, since the seventeenth century, Russian colonizers have tried to subdue congeries of proud peoples: Chechens, Ingush, Ossetes, Daghestanis, Abkhaz, Kartvelians, Kakhetians, Armenians, Azeris, and others. 
    E. Here, the Russians encountered Islam in both its moderation and implacability. 

Which of the following options is the best logical order of the above statements? 

1. A, B, C, D, E 
2. B, C, A, D, E 
3. B, D, C, A, E 
4. C, A, B, D, E 
5. D, E, C, A, B 

2. Mrs Biswas was to retire in one year after serving in the construction department of the Gujarat government for more than thirty years. After retirement, she wanted to spend her retired life along with Mr Biswas, a retired school teacher in a small town in Kerala, They had two children, both studying in Bengaluru, the Biswas' wished to construct a house in Kerala with their life savings. 
The couple gathered information about owning a house in Kerala. They had four options: 
A. Buy a fully furnished house from a big developer. 
B. Buy a semi-furnished house from a big developer and furnish it.
C. Get a local unregistered contractor to construct a house and furnish it 
D. Mr Biswas wish inpuis from the family could supervise the construction of a house back in Kerala by employing the best material, engineers, masons and labourers. 

Which option would ENSURE die best control of quality of construction for the Biswas? 1. The first option would ensure the best quality. 
2. The second option would ensure the best quality. 
3. The third option would ensure the best quality. 
4. The fourth option would ensure the best quality. 
5. Any of the options will equally ensure the best quality.

Download the complete Question Paper to view the type of Questions asked for XAT exam 2017.

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