Kerala LSS Model Question papers collection
A collection of Model question papers for LSS examination for Kerala School students class 4. Both English Medium and Malayalam Medium question papers for all LSS subjects like Malayalam, Maths, EVS and GK are available here. Some preparation materials and questions banks for LSS exam also added.

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.pdf   2 Sets of Model question papers for LSS Exam.pdf (Size: 692.55 KB / Downloads: 8,082)
.pdf   LSS Model Question paper Part I and II.pdf (Size: 98.62 KB / Downloads: 6,012)
.pdf   LSS Model Question paper Part I and II- Answer Key.pdf (Size: 49.92 KB / Downloads: 3,831)
.pdf   LSS Model MCQ questions for EVS.pdf (Size: 627.17 KB / Downloads: 3,402)
.pdf   LSS Exam Model Question Paper English Medium.pdf (Size: 96.12 KB / Downloads: 3,650)
More sample question papers for LSS exam

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.pdf   LSS Model Paper Part I.pdf (Size: 67.11 KB / Downloads: 3,819)
.pdf   LSS Model Exam Part II.pdf (Size: 79.52 KB / Downloads: 2,253)
.pdf   LSS Model Paper Paper I.pdf (Size: 25.98 KB / Downloads: 2,009)
LSS Model question papers by alanallur panchayat PEC. Good question papers

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.pdf   എല്‍ എസ് എസ് പേപ്പര്‍ 1.pdf (Size: 3.2 MB / Downloads: 3,249)
.pdf   എല്‍ എസ് എസ് പേപ്പര്‍ 2.pdf (Size: 2.76 MB / Downloads: 2,103)
LSS model paper by TANUR hm forum

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.pdf   lss hm forum.pdf (Size: 279 KB / Downloads: 935)
LSS Model question papers by KPSTA Malappuram

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.pdf   KPSTA LSS Model Paper 2017 Paper I.pdf (Size: 504.05 KB / Downloads: 2,428)
.pdf   KPSTA LSS Model Paper 2017 Paper II.pdf (Size: 615.88 KB / Downloads: 1,162)
.pdf   KPSTA LSS Model Paper 2017 Answer Key.pdf (Size: 270.82 KB / Downloads: 1,110)
More LSS Model papers can be had from the following links

LSS Model paper collection

LSS Question papers and keys by various agencies

LSS Sample papers

LSS Preparation Materials
KSTA LSS Sample paper 2017

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.pdf   KSTA LSS Model Paper 2017.pdf (Size: 228.58 KB / Downloads: 5,183)
Complete previous year question papers of LSS examination with Model papers collection visit 

LSS Question Paper Collection

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