KTET 2017 solved paper LP Section
Solved question paper and answer key of Kerala Teachers Eligibility Test (KTET) held on 12.08.2017, Catagory 1 LP Section examination question paper and answer key is available here.

Some sample questions from the English Section of the KTET 2017 LP exam

1. Pick out the sentence that is similar in meaning to, 'He helps her'. 
a) She is being helped by him. 
b) She is helped by him 
c) She was being helped by him 
d) She was helped by him 

2. Her brother will come to take her,...........  
a) will she ? 
b) won't she? 
c) will he? 
d) wont he ? 

3.1f anything weird happens, please run away. The word, 'weird' means  
a) dangerous 
b) strange 
c) noisy 
d) clumsy 

4. Pick out the word opposite in meaning to 'transparent 
a) intransparent 
b) opaque c) cloudy 
d) muddy
5. The field between what a learner can do by himself/herself and what can be achieved with the support of a teacher is called  • 
a) scaffolding 
b) zone of proximal development 
c) assimilation 
d) accommodation 

6. The error a learner makes in writing a sentence like: 'lam  a going'. is an example for  
a) morphological error 
b) syntactical error 
c) punctuation error 
d) usage error 

For answers and Complete solved paper download the PDF files from the link below

.pdf   KTET LP Section 2017 Previous year question paper.pdf (Size: 3.81 MB / Downloads: 1,815)

.pdf   KTET LP Section 2017 Answer key.pdf (Size: 69.24 KB / Downloads: 906)

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