JNVST Navodaya Class 6 Entrance 2015 solved paper
Solved previous year question paper of JNVST Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya class VI Entrance exam 2015 of exam held on 07.02.2015. The question paper is solved and answer key is attached for MAT, Arithmetic and English Language Sections. 

Some sample questions from JNVST Entrance exam 2015 paper

I was about six years old. Once I saw a beautiful picture in a book. It was a picture of a dense forest. I thought about the forest and drew a picture of an animal. I showed it to some grown-ups and asked them. "Are you afraid of it?" But they asked me, "Afraid? Why should one be afraid of a hat?" My drawing was not of a hat. To me, it was an elephant. But the grown-ups were not able to understand it. One of these gorwn-ups then advised me, 'Stop drawing. Devote yourself instead to Geography, Arithmetic or Grammar." That is why I gave up drawing. That is why I could not become a great artist. 

1. The boy drew a picture of 
(1) a forest (2) an animal (3) a girl (4) a hat 

2. 'Afraid?' is 
(1) a question (2) a statement (4) an order (3) a request 

3. But for the advice of grown-ups the child would have become 
(1) a geographer (3) an artist   (2) a mathematician (4) a grammarian 

4. Why did the child give up drawing? 
(1) He was so advised 
(2) He wanted to become a mathematician 
(3) He had no time for it 
(4) It was very difficult to draw 

5. The opposite word for 'beautiful' is 
(1) Tidy (2) Lovely (3) Pretty (4) Ugly 

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.pdf   Jawahar Navodaya Class 6 Entrance Exam 2015 Previous question paper MAT.pdf (Size: 3.24 MB / Downloads: 50,298)
.pdf   Jawahar Navodaya Class 6 Entrance Exam 2015 Previous question paper Arithmetic Test.pdf (Size: 889.48 KB / Downloads: 34,919)
.pdf   Jawahar Navodaya Class 6 Entrance Exam 2015 Previous question paper English Language.pdf (Size: 1.47 MB / Downloads: 27,479)
.pdf   Navoday Class 6 Entrance Exam 2015 Answer key.pdf (Size: 52.85 KB / Downloads: 23,125)
Good work sir. Very helpful for Navodaya candidates
Thank you sir
sir please provide paper in HINDI langauge
sir please post any previous examination posts in telugu language i.e. concern to andhrapradesh state. Also place all the model questions also in pdf format with white back ground. The previous papers that are already posted by you are with black background, which are not readable friendly.
thank you sir.
Pls. send me the Navodaya Question paper 2015 and 2016.
Previous Year and Model Question Papers for JNVST Entrance

Navodaya Class VI Entrance Exam Question Papers

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