GATE Physics PH solved previous year question papers

Attached are some solved previous year question papers of GATE examination for the subject PHYSICS - Code PH. Answer keys are attached in a separate file. All GATE Physics aspirants can download and use these question paper/ answer key PDF files at free of cost..

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.pdf   GATE Physics Question Paper 2005.pdf (Size: 559.39 KB / Downloads: 2,069)
.pdf   GATE Physics Answer Key& Solutions 2005.pdf (Size: 8.12 KB / Downloads: 1,962)
.pdf   GATE Physics Question Paper 2006.pdf (Size: 588.19 KB / Downloads: 1,622)
.pdf   GATE Physics Answer Key& Solutions 2006.pdf (Size: 8.03 KB / Downloads: 1,742)
GATE Physics question papers and answer keys for year 2007, 2008 and 2009

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.pdf   GATE Physics Question Paper 2007.pdf (Size: 2.41 MB / Downloads: 1,465)
.pdf   GATE Physics Answer Key& Solutions 2007.pdf (Size: 8.03 KB / Downloads: 1,593)
.pdf   GATE Physics Answer Key& Solutions 2008.pdf (Size: 8.91 KB / Downloads: 1,582)
.pdf   GATE Physics Question Paper 2008.pdf (Size: 717.53 KB / Downloads: 1,178)
.pdf   GATE Physics Question Paper 2009.pdf (Size: 3.19 MB / Downloads: 1,311)
Answer Key for GATE Physics old question paper 2009

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.pdf   GATE Physics Answer Key& Solutions 2009.pdf (Size: 7.68 KB / Downloads: 1,362)
(11-13-2012, 07:56 PM)luttu Wrote: Answer Key for GATE Physics old question paper 2009

luttu thank u so much for previous year paper its really helping me. Can you please give me 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 solved papers of physics for GATE. Thank u so much.
Thanks a lot :) :)

This link might be helpful :)
Gate questions are really helpful. I need old questions before 2005. Can anyone help me out??
Can you please provide the solution of gate 2008 ????
GATE Physics (PH) Previous Question papers with answers

Last 15 Year Question Papers and Keys of GATE PH-Physics

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