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Free Materials, Notes and videos to learn CBSE 12th Maths

CBSE 12th Maths NCERT Study Materials

Scoring good percentage for XII CBSE Examination requires hardwork, dedication and reference to various study materials. Mathematics is one of the subject that requires practice and alertness of mind.  By referring different sources of study material, the student gets a clear idea of the chapter and also many tricks to solve the sums in an easier effective manner. This knowledge would also help the students in their forthcoming entrance examinations.

Here, we provide study materials for Mathematics Class XII which will help you to understand the subject better and to score well in the examination.

The study materials like Basics, Lecture Notes, Practice Papers, Reference Material etc. are shared for all the chapters of CBSE Class XII Mathematics.

Video links are also provided to give the students a visual understanding on the various topics of Mathematics.

You can download the Pdf format of the study materials for free from the links provided below:

Study Materials of CBSE Class XII Mathematics:

Chapter No. Chapterwise Download Links
1 Relations and Functions
2 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
3 Matrices
4 Determinants
5 Continuity and Differentiability
6 Application Of Derivatives
7 Integrals
8  Application of Integrals
9 Differential Equations
10 Vector Algebra
11 Three Dimensional Geometry
12 Linear Programming
13 Probability 



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