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SBI PO Previous Question papers

SBI PO Prelims 2017- Complete Solved question papers

State Bank of India- SBI had conducted the Probationary Officer selection Preliminary Exam  (Phase I ) on various dates in the month of April and May 2017. We are providing the SBI PO Prelims exam 2017 solved question papers (Memory Based) with exam analysis and cut off marks.

Analysis of SBI PO Prelims exam 2017 based on all session question papers

  • English Language:
    Easy: Sentence Correction, Climioze test (5 Marks Each)
    Moderate: Reading Comprehesion
    Average Good Attempt: 15+
    Time taken to complete paper; 15 Minutes

  • Quantitative Aptitude
    Easy: Number Series, Simplification, Data Interpretation, Variable Comparisons (20 Marks)
    Moderate: Data Interpretation (Some sessions), Miscellaneous questions like Time speed, Interest Calculation, Ratios etc (5 Marks)
    Average Good Attempt: 15+
    Time taken to complete paper; 25 Minutes

  • Reasoning:
    Easy: Variable Arrangements, Coding Decoding, Blood Relations, Part of Analytical Reasoning (Total 15 Marks)
    Moderate: Part of Analytical Reasoning , Inequalities, Puzzles (15 Marks)
    Average Good Attempt: 20+
    Time taken to complete paper; 20 Minutes

Questions from the English Language Section of the SBI PO Prelims paper 2017

Directions (1-6) : Which of the phrases (1),(2), (3) and (4) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer.

1. In the modern day, it is common to say you are bored to death if someone or something is incredibly uninteresting.
(1) bored of death
(2) bored from death
(3) bored till death
(4) bored until death
(5) No correction required

2. We advised them to going to a hill station during the summer vacation.
(1) for going to
(2) that they go to
(3) to go to
(4) that they should have to go to
(5) No correction required

3. They failed in their attempt to repair the demolished portion of the building.
(1) for their attempt
(2) in their attempting
(3) with their attempt
(4) on their attempt
(5) No correction required

4. In Indian democracy, It is necessary for the citizens to beware of all the political facts about every political party.
(1) be aware of
(2) be aware for
(3) beware for
(4) be aware to
(5) No correction required

5. Were going to have to put down our summer vacation until July because of the bad weather conditions.
(1) put off
(2) put across
(3) put out
(4) put back
(5) No correction required

6. We called on but we weren’t able to find the car part we needed to fix the gear system.
(1) called off
(2) called back
(3) cined around
(4) called up
(5) No correction required

Questions from the Quantitative Aptitude Section of the SBI PO Prelims paper 2017

Directions (1-5) : What will come in place of the question mark (?) in each of the following number serits ?

1. 14, 8, 9, 14.5. 30, ?
(1) 75
(2) 76
(3) 60
(4) 65
(5) 80

2. 20, 29, 54, 103, 184, ?
(1) 310
(2) 350
(3) 305
(4) 315
(5) 320

3. 7, 8, 18. 57, ?, 1165
(1) 250
(2) 234
(3) 230
(4) 232
(5) 235

4. 5, 7. 18. 47. 103. ?
(1) 195
(2) 210
(3) 200
(4) 190
(5) 220

5. 77, 85, 69, 101, 37. ?
(1) 180
(2) 165
(3) 170

(4) 120
(5) 175

Questions from the Reasoning Section of the SBI PO Prelims paper 2017

1. Five persons namely A, B, C. D and E are going to the school on different days of the week, starting from Monday to Friday. Two persons are going between C and B. C is going before Wednesday. D is going to the school immediately after E. A is not going on Friday. Then who among the following persons is going to school on Wednesday?
(1) B
(2) C
(3) D
(4) E
(5) A

2. Q is the daughter of A. J is the brother of Q. J is the son of R. J is the father of S. If it is given that A is mother of Q, then what is the relation of R with respect to S?
(1) Father
(2) Mother-in-law
(3) Mother
(4) Father-in-law
(5) Grandfather

3. In a certain code language ‘economics growth registered’ is written as ‘ve jo qi’, ‘growth is expected’ is written as ‘qi lo mn’, and ‘registered expected number’ is written as ‘lo ve pr’, then what is the code for “economic” ?
(i) lo
(2) pr
(3) qi
(4) ve
(5) jo

4. If 2 is subtracted from each odd digit in the number 7493652 and 3 is added to each even digit in number then which of the following digit is repeated in the new number so obtained?
(1) 9, 4
(2) 6, 5
(3) 5, 4
(4) 5, 9
(5) 5. 7

Download the complete question paeprs of SBI PO Preliminary Exam papers from the links below

SBI PO Exam – Syllabus, Pattern and Question Papers


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SBI PO exam 2014
Probationary officer  recruitment in SBI-
A preparation Guide

State Bank of India announced the notification for the recruitment of Probationary Officers for the year 2014. This time SBI is recruiting probationary officers for 1837 posts. The last date of application is 28th April, and the examination will be held in the month of June 2014.

For more details about SBI PO eligibility, application procedure and other details visit the SBI PO recruitment notification 2014

Syllabus and Question Pattern of SBI PO exam 2014

There are 2 papers  in SBI PO examination The first one is Objective paper and the second one is Descriptive.

SBI PO Objective paper (Paper I) syllabus and pattern:
Total marks: 200
Time allotted: 2 hours

Syllabus of Objective Paper (Paper I of SBI PO exam):

The 200 questions are asked from the following areas:

1. English Language
2. Data Interpretation
3. Reasoning
4. The rest of the questions will be from General Awareness, Computer Awareness and Marketing awareness

English Language syllabus: A total of 50 questions are expected, Important areas are Reading comprehension,  Vocabulary, Grammar Corrections, Identification of Errors in sentence constructions, Jumbled sentences etc. Expect High standard questions in Comprehension, rest of the questions will be in moderate difficulty.

Reasoning syllabus: 50 questions will be there in this section also. Expect the difficulty level to be on the higher side for this section. The important areas are Logical Reasoning, Arithmetical reasoning, Analytical reasoning, Series completion, finding missing figures, Completing number and alphabetical series,   Analogies / decision making, Puzzle / Seating Arrangement

Data Analysis and Interpretation syllabus: 50 questions in this section will be in easy to moderate difficulty level. The following sections are considered important: Data Interpretation and manipulation questions from Charts, Graphs and Diagrams including Line charts, pie charts, bar charts and tabular data. Application level questions from probability and statistics, The data manipulation of these questions will contain  of time and distance calculations, BODMAS rule, Calculation of speed and distance, calculation of area, volume, perimeter and application of formulas in algebra, geometry, functions etc.

Syllabus of General Awareness: In this section 10 questions each are expected from Marketing and computer awareness sections and 15 questions each are expected from Banking awareness and current affairs sections.

Negative Marking of SBI PO Paper I
For each incorrect answer a quarter (1/4th ) of marks are reduced

SBI PO Descriptive Paper (Paper II) Syllabus
In this section, expect questions relating to Letter writing (Usually official letters in connection with the normal functioning of a bank branch), Essay and Paragraph writing (Usually related to bank functioning and economy), Precis writing and Reading comprehension.

This paper will have 50 marks and the duration will be 1 hour.
Descriptive Test detailed pattern can be found here

SBI Specialist Officers exam previous year question papers:

To get an idea about the pattern and difficulty of the question papers practicing with the previous year question papers of SBI PO examination is a good idea. In the following links you can get the previous year question papers of SBI PO examination

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SBI PO Examination Model Question Papers.

Most of the Probationary Officers examination question papers are somewhat similar in syllabus and pattern to SBI PO examination. It makes an excellent opportunity to work with the previous year and model / sample question papers of other Bank PO examinations while preparing for SBI PO exam preparation.

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SBI PO exam Mock paper – English Language

English Language Model paper from previous year SBI PO question papers

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A compilation of English Language and Comprehension model questions

SBI PO Exam free books and study materials

We are providing you many free books and notes uploaded by our forum friends to help you in preparation of Reasoning, Data Interpretation and QA, and English language parts. This will make your study process easy, because all the required materials are available at a single source.

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Banking and Current Affairs material

SBI PO Exam online mock test papers

For practicing the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude and GK part of the Paper I of SBI PO examination, you can practice with the Free online mock tests available at

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