CSIR-UGC NET Past 10 Year Questions with Key- All Subjects

CSIR holds the Joint CSIR-UGC Test  for determining the eligibility of the Indian National candidates for the award of Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) NET and for determining eligibility for appointment of Lecturers (NET) in certain subject areas falling under the faculty of
Science & Technology. We collected last 10 years question papers and keys of each of the subjects and you can download it from the links below.

Next Joint CSIR-UGC Test for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship will be conducted Tentatively on 17.12.2017

CSIR-UGC NET Last 10 Year solved papers All Subjects
Subject Code Subject Name Question paper & Key
01 CHE- Chemical Sciences Paper with Answers
02 ERT- Earth Sciences Paper with Answers
03 LIF- Life Sciences Paper with Answers
04 MAT Mathematical Sciences Paper with Answers
05 PHY- Physicsal Sciences Paper with Answers


UGC NET Previous 10 Year Question papers and Key- All subjects

University Grants Commission conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) for determining the eligibility of Indian nationals for the Eligibility for Assistant Professor only or Junior Research Fellowship & Eligibility for Assistant Professor Both in Indian Universities and Colleges. On behalf of UGC CBSE conducts the NET examination twice in a year

The Next UGC NET Examination is Scheduled on 05th November, 2017 (Sunday).

We compiled the Question paper and Answer keys of each subject of UGC NET examination for the past 10 years. Both paper 1 and paper 2 last year question papers and answer keys of UGC NET is attached here for free download. All papers are in PDF format.

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Free online mock tests for Paper I of UGC NET

Collection of Model question papers for UGC NET Exam in New pattern

UGC NET Exam November 2017 Question papers and Keys- All subjects

UGC NET Last 10 Year solved papers All Subjects
Subject Code Subject Name Question paper & Key Question paper & Key
01 Economics Paper II Paper III
02 Political Science Paper II Paper III
03 Philosophy Paper II Paper III
04 Psychology Paper II Paper III
05 Sociology Paper II Paper III
06 History Paper II Paper III
08 Commerce Paper II Paper III
09 Education Paper II Paper III
10 Social Work Paper II Paper III
12 Home Science Paper II Paper III
14 Public Administration Paper II Paper III
17 Management Paper II Paper III
19 Bengali Paper II Paper III
20 Hindi Paper II Paper III
21 Kannada Paper II Paper III
22 Malayalam Paper II Paper III
23 Odia Paper II Paper III
24 Punjabi Paper II Paper III
25 Sanskrit Paper II Paper III
26 Tamil Paper II Paper III
27 Telugu Paper II Paper III
29 Arabic Paper II Paper III
30 English Paper II Paper III
31 Linguistics Paper II Paper III
37 Gujarati Paper II Paper III
38 Marathi Paper II Paper III
43 Rajasthani Paper II Paper III
20 Adult Education/ Continuing Education/ Androgyny / Non Formal Education Paper II Paper III
47 Physical Education Paper II Paper III
55 Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/Labour and Social Welfare/HRM Paper II Paper III
58 Law Paper II Paper III
63 Mass Communication and Journalism Paper II Paper III
67 Archaeology Paper II Paper III
58 Dance/ Performing Arts Paper II Paper III
74 Women Studies Paper II Paper III
79 Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture/Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art) Paper II Paper III
80 Geography Paper II Paper III
81 Social Medicine & Community Health Paper II Paper III
87 Computer Science and Applications Paper II Paper III
88 Electronic Science Paper II Paper III
89 Environmental Sciences Paper II Paper III
80 International and Area studies Paper II Paper III
92 Human Rights and Duties Paper II Paper III
93 Tourism Administration and Management Paper II Paper III


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Free online mock tests for Paper I of UGC NET

Collection of Model question papers for UGC NET Exam in New pattern

UGC NET Exam November 2017 Question papers and Keys- All subjects


IBPS RRB Assistant Mains Exam 2016 Question paper and Key

IBPS Conducted the RRB Assistant Main examination 2016 on 18th December 2016. The examination had objective questions for 200 marks in the following pattern.

Analysis of IBPS RRB Mains exam paper 2016

English Language:

  • Easy: Cloze Test(10 Questions), Error Finding (5 Questions)
  • Moderate: Reading Comprehesion (15 Questions), Para Jumbles (5Questions)
  • Difficult: Sentence filling (5 Questions)
    Average Good Attempt: 20+

Reasoning Ability:

  • Easy: Coding Decoding (5 Questions)
  • Moderate: Data Sufficiency (5 Questions), Puzzles(10 Questions), Sitting Arrangement(10 Questions)
  • Difficult: Nil
    Average Good Attempt: 25+

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Easy: Quadratic Equations(5 Questions)
  • Moderate: Data Interpretation(5 Questions), Data Sufficiency(5 Questions), Averages, Time and Work, Ratio, Speed &Time (20 Questions)
  • Difficult: Nil
    Average Good Attempt: 20+

General Awareness:

  • Banking Awareness had the maximum number of questions. Candidates who were good in this section found the paper very easy
    Average Good Attempt: 30

Computer Knowledge

  • Very easy section. Paper was very easy for candidates
    Average Good Attempt: 22

RRB Assistant Final Selection 2016 Cutoff Marks

To see the cutoff marks of the examination see Statewise and Catogorywise Cutoff and Provisional Allotment List for IBPS RRB Assistant exam CWE V 2016

Questions from Reasoning Ability part of IBPS RRB Assistant Mains paper 2016

Directions (1-4) : The following questions arc based on the five three-digit numbers given below :

761   248   435   924   657

1. If ‘2’ is added to the second digit of all the odd numbers and ‘4’ Is subtracted from the third digit of all the teven numbers, In how many numbers thus formed will a digit appear twice?

(1) Two
(2) Three
(3) None
(4) One
(5) More than three

2. If all the digits of the given numbers are arranged in ascending order within the number, what will be the sum of the second and third digits of the third highest number thus formed ?
(1) 9
(2) 14
(3) 12
(4) 13
(5) 16

3. If the first and the second digits of all the given numbers are interchanged. which of the following will become the second highest number after performing the said operation?

(1) 657
(2) 248
(3) 924
(4) 435
(5) 761

4. The difference of the second and third digits in how many of the given numbers is greater than the first digit of the same number?
(1) Three
(2) None
(3) Two
(4) More than three
(5) One

Questions from Quantitative Aptitude paper of IBPS RRB Assistant Mains paper 2016

1. The perimeter of a square whose diagonal is 26√2 metre, is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle. The difference between the length and breadth of the rectangle is 6 metre. Find the area of the rectangle. (in square metre)

(1) 676
(2) 667
(3) 557
(4) 567
(5) 578

2. A shopkeeper bought two units of an article at the same price. He sold the first article at a profit of 40% and he incurred a loss on the second article. By selling both units of article he got an overall profit of 10%. Find the loss per cent incurred on the second unit.

(1) 19%
(2) 15%
(3) 20%
(4) 14%
(5) 25%

3. A is 20% more efficient di B. B starts working and work for 12 days. After that he is replaced by A who completes the remaining work alone in 30 days. Find the number of days taken by B alone in doing hal of the same work ?

(1) 24
(2) 48
(3) 32
(4) 45
(5) 20

4. In an examination 80% of the students passed in English. 85% in Mathematics and 75% in both English and Mathe-matics. If 40 students failed in both the subjects, find the to-tal number of students.

(1) 360
(2) 440
(3) 420
(4) 380
(5) 400

5. One year ago, the ratio of Gaurav’s and Sachin’s age was 6 : 7 respectively. Four years hence, this ratio would become 7 : 8. How old is Sachin? (in years)

(1) 36
(2) 38
(3) 35
(4) 34
(5) 39

Questions from Quantitative Aptitude paper of IBPS RRB Assistant Mains paper 2016

Directions (1-5) : In the following questions, a sentence is given with a blank to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

1. Getting___________the nights was still hard.Even after all these years, she still hated sleeping with her mother.
(1) up
(2) with
(3) through
(4) off
(5) in

2. The boy walked in the dark _________they saw the glowing lights of capital city.

(1) though
(2) unless
(3) if
(4) until
(5) even if

3. Brick and mortar outlets on high streets and inside malls are trying to__________to the business that has been theirs alone for years, through lower prices and deals.
(1) hold off
(2) hold on
(3) hold beyond
(4) leave
(5) forsake

4. I can say is that it depends on context. “I hope you enjoy” would apply to something in the present or the __________ future.
(1) immediately
(2) impressive
(3) exceptional
(4) immediate
(5) distantly

3. She had a fit of the __________and had to leave the room.
(1) gilding
(2) gills
(3) gimmick
(4) giggly
(5) giggles

Questions from Computer Awareness section of IBPS RRB Assistant Mains paper 2016

1. Coded entries which are used to gain access to a computer system are called
(1) Entry codes
(2) Passwords
(3) Security commands
(4) Codewords
(5) None of these

2._______ is the process of carrying out commands.
(1) Fetching
(2) Executing
(3) Storing
(4) Decoding
(5) None of these

3. To access the services of operating system, the interface is provided by the
(1) System calls
(2) API
(3) Library
(4) Assembly instructions
(5) None of these

4. Which one of the following error will be handle by the operating system?
(1) Power failure
(2) Lack of paper in printer
(3) Connection failure in the network
(4) All of the above
(5) None of the above

5. The OS X has
(1) Monolithic kernel
(2) Hybrid kernel
(3) Microkemel
(4) Monolithic kernel wit modules
(5) None of the above

6. The structure or format of data is called
(1) Syntax
(2) Semantics
(3) Struct
(4) Grammar
(5) None of the above

For the complete downloadable question paper and answer key of RRB Assistant Mains exam 2016 in PDF format visit IBPS RRB OA/ MA Mains exam question paper


Bank PO Exams-Complete Previous Question Papers Collection

Last Year Bank PO Exam Solved Question paper Compilation

Complete set of previous year solved question papers of Bank Probationary Officer examinations conducted by IBPS, SBI, RBI and other banking and insurance companies in India. All question papers are taken from last 10 years of Bank PO and Officer examinations. Question papers follows the new pattern of Preliminary and Main examinations are available together with the previous model papers where only one Tier of examination is available in the recruitment process. All these question papers can be taken as model papers for the upcoming Bank PO and Officer examination. Check the papers from the links below, which are chronologically arranged separately for IBPS, SBI, RBI, Banking and Insurance sections.

IBPS PO Previous year question papers of Preliminary and Mains examinations

SBI PO Previous year solved papers of Preliminary and Mains exams

RBI Officer Previous solved papers

Other Bank PO Examinations- solved papers

Insurance Companies Officer exams- solved previous papers

IBPS Clerk exam 2017 – Study guide with all previous papers

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) announced for IBPS Clerk CWE exam series VII- 2017 to recruit candidates for the clerical posts 7883 Clerical cadre Posts in the Participating Organisations. The IBPS Clerk CWE 7- 2017 is tentatively scheduled in December 2017 & January 2018. IBPS clerk examination will be held in 2 phases.

  • Phase I- Preliminary exam
  • Phase II- Main exam.
IBPS Clerk exam 2017- Important Dates
On-line registration Period 12.09.2017 to 03.10.2017
Payment of Application Fees/Intimation Charges (Online) 12.09.2017 to 03.10.2017
Download of call letters for Pre- Exam Training November 2017
Conduct of Pre-Exam Training 13.11.2017 to 18.11.2017
Download of call letters for Online examination – Preliminary November 2017
Online Examination – Preliminary 02.12.2017/ 03.12.2017/ 09.12.2017/ 10.12.2017
Result of Online exam – Preliminary December 2017
Download of Call letter for Online exam – Main January 2018
Online Examination – Main 21.01.2018
Provisional Allotment April 2018

Major Changes in IBPS Clerk Exam 2017

  1. No More Interviews for IBPS Clerk… The interview stage has been withdrawn by IBPS from the clerical grade selection process. So candidates need to clear only the Preliminary and Main examinations with the required percentage to get their dream job.
  2. Changes in the clerk main exam pattern
    1. Specific time limit introduced to attempt each of the sections of the question paper.  To know respective time limit for each  section please refer the IBPS Clerk Main Exam pattern table below.
    2. Change in duration of IBPS Clerk Mains exam– Examination time extended to 160 minutes instead of 135 minutes in CWE VI
    3. Combining sections of IBPS Clerk Mains– From 2017, the Reasoning and Computer knowledge are combined into a single section. So the total number of sections is reduced to 4 instead of 5 in CWE VI. Refer table below to know more..

Eligibility to apply for the exam

Indian Citizens in the age group of 20-28 (As on 01.09.2017) should possess Degree (Graduation) in any discipline from a University recognised by the Govt. of India or any equivalent qualification recognized as such by the Central Government, can apply for the examination.

IBPS Clerk CWE Recruitment process

Candidates who will qualify in preliminary examination will have to appear for Main examination and shortlisted candidates in the main examination will subsequently be called for a Common Interview to be conducted by the Participating Banks. for more details about the application procedure and other related information download IBPS Clerk CWE VII Notification 2017

Exam Pattern of IBPS Clerk Preliminary


No. of Questions Total Marks

English Language

30 30

Numerical Ability

35 35

Reasoning Ability

35 35


100 100

Time: 1 hour

IBPS Clerk Mains Pattern


No. of Questions Total Marks Duration

General/ Financial Awareness

50 50 35 Minutes

General English Language

40 40 35 Minutes

Quantitative Aptitude

50 50 45 Minutes

Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude

50 60 45 Minutes


190 200 160 Minutes

Total Time : 160 Minutes

Syllabus of IBPS Clerk CWE VII

We compiled and updated the expected syllabus of IBPS Clerk Pre and Main examination. Preliminary examination is expected to be easier with 10+2 grade questions. The important topics to cover before taking the Prelims and Mains are available at

IBPS Clerk Pre and Mains Syllabus 2017

Previous year question papers of IBPS clerk exam

Please see the following links for the solved question papers of IBPS Clerk examinations. though the pattern is changed, these papers will be useful for you to get an idea about the standard of the examination. All these can be the exact model papers of IBPS Clerk Main examination.

IBPS Clerk Pre and Mains Model papers

Model questions papers in the exact syllabus and pattern of IBPS Clerk CWE Phase I and Phase II are available below. Download it and use it for enough practice before going to the exam hall.

Books and Study Materials for IBPS Clerk Prelims

Check the links below to download free books, notes and study materials to prepare for the examination. For each subject, we compiled materials in downloadable pdf format

English Language Books for IBPS Clerk Pre and Mains exams

Reasoning Books and Materials

Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability study materials

Free online mock tests for IBPS Clerk exam preparation

A number of free online mock test papers are available for IBPS Clerk CWE, questions are selected from previous year IBPS clerk examinations and other bank tests. More than 20,000 questions are available in the question bank, and each time you need to answer randomly selected 10 questions. At the end of the examination, you will get a complete answer review

English Language mock test IBPS Clerk CWE Prelims & Mains

Current Affairs mock test IBPS Clerk CWE Mains

Banking Awareness mock test IBPS Clerk CWE Mains

Computer Awareness mock test for Mains exam